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Strengths-based approaches (SBA)

These resources describe how SBAs work in a variety of interventions and settings and provides information on how to enable and implement SBAs.

Strengths-based (or asset-based) approaches focus on individuals’ strengths (including personal strengths and social and community networks) and not on their deficits. Strengths-based practice is holistic and multidisciplinary and works with the individual to promote their wellbeing. It is outcomes led and not services led.

Strengths-based leadership programme

This CPD-accredited programme from SCIE and the University of Birmingham supports practice leaders to demonstrate leadership through engaging with academic insights, critically reflecting on their own leadership, and developing a community of practice.

Videos on strengths-based approaches

A strengths-based approach to social care focuses on identifying the strengths, or assets, as well as the needs and difficulties of adults, children, young people and families. Watch some videos that look at the issues.

Leadership in strengths-based social care

Develops our understanding of and provides practical advice about leading strengths-based approaches and practice that support adults with care needs.

SBA Care Act guidance

Care Act guidance on strengths-based approach to adult care and support.

What next for strengths-based areas?

This 2022 paper provides an update on our thinking about strengths-based areas, and is a toolkit – enabling you to ask where the area you work is in relation to strengths-based ways of working.

Council services which support adult social care

Resource supporting ASC enabling roles to understand what a strengths-based approach is, what it means to their role and how to ensure their practice is strengths-based.

Children and families

Strengths-based social care for children, young people and their families.

Evidence for outcomes

NICE/SCIE quick guide and webinar that focus on identifying and supporting an individual’s strengths and assets.

Framework and handbook

Supporting social workers and social care professionals in applying a strengths-based approach to their work with adults.

Unlocking the potential of adult social care

Critical review tool to help social care leaders move towards a strengths-based, whole-place approach.

Learning and training

Put a strengths-based approach to care into practice and support.

Our support offer

We work with local government organisations to develop your strengths-based, social care practice.