Webinar: Leadership in strengths based social care

Webinar recording – 17 October 2019

The increasing pressures on the health and social care system – and constantly changing legislation and policy – mean that there’s now a focus on finding and encouraging evidence-based and innovative ways of delivering care and support.

This webinar looked at how leadership in strengths-based approaches requires a shift from the traditional paternalistic model focused on ‘fixing’ people, to getting alongside them and taking a holistic picture of their lives to identify how best outcomes can be achieved. The webinar focussed on leadership behaviours and practices and it accompanies a new SCIE report on this topic.

Among the issues discussed were:


The Care Act 2014 emphasises the importance of a person-centred, outcomes-focused approach that promotes individual wellbeing. This has resulted in strengths-based approaches, sometimes called asset-based approaches, rapidly being adopted across social care for adults, children and young people, and families.

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