Webinar: Leading in partnership - Leadership and strengths-based practice

Recorded 6 October 2021

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Leadership is a critical aspect of strengths-based practice. Without effective and committed leaders, strengths-based practices are unlikely to flourish. Whilst a lot of attention in recent years has focused on key elements of practice, such as strengths-based conversations, assessments and care planning, and the processes which underpin them, less attention had been given to leadership of strengths-based practice; what it looks like; how it differs from other models of leadership and how you do it well.

This webinar explores:

The webinar recording also covers the Strengths-Based practice leadership programme, a programme from the Social Care Institute for Excellence and the University of Birmingham, which is designed to support practice leaders to demonstrate leadership through engaging with academic insights, critically reflecting on their own leadership, and developing a community of practice with their peers.

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Webinar: Leading in partnership - Leadership and strengths-based practicee

Wednesday 06 October 2021, 11:00

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