Videos on strengths-based approaches

A strengths-based approach to social care focuses on identifying the strengths, or assets, as well as the needs and difficulties of adults, children, young people and families. Watch some videos that look at the issues.

What is a strengths-based approach?

The Care Act 2014 puts a strengths-based approach at the centre of someone’s assessment, care and support, highlighting ‘What is strong’ rather than simply ‘What is wrong’.

Concept of a strengths-based approach under the Care Act 2014

At the heart of the Care Act is the focus on a ‘Strengths based approach’ (or what some people call an ‘asset based approach’). This film looks at strengths-based interventions, which are holistic, person-centred and outcomes-focused in order to improve people’s lives.

Using SBAs in social work

Senior staff at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust talk about strengths-based approaches to social work.

Supporting young people

Case study showing the Shared Lives approach to supporting young people in transition.

Leadership in strengths based social care – webinar recording

This October 2019 webinar looked at how leadership in strengths-based approaches requires a shift from the traditional paternalistic model focused on ‘fixing’ people, to getting alongside them and taking a holistic picture of their lives to identify how best outcomes can be achieved.

Practice framework and handbook – webinar recording

This May 2019 webinar looked at strengths-based approaches in adult social care; and the new practice framework and handbook that provide valuable learning in the care and support sector.

Evidence for strengths and asset-based approaches for social work practice – webinar recording

This webinar offers an opportunity to find out more about the evidence for strengths and assets-based outcomes, and how to implement models of practice and interventions for a strengths and asset-based approach.