Webinar: Developing strengths-based places – the next steps for strengths-based practice

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This webinar explores how local authorities are overcoming some of the barriers to a strengths-based approach, and building a whole-place approach to strengths-based working.

A strengths-based approach focuses on people's goals and resources rather than their problems. Local authorities and social care professionals have been striving to practice in a strengths-based way for a number of years, and whilst many have made progress, there are challenges in embedding strengths-based approaches into practice; challenges which have often been exacerbated by the pandemic.

As local authorities contemplate how to develop plans for delivering care in very difficult funding circumstances, many are considering how they reinvigorate plans for strengths-based practice. This includes thinking through not just how strengths-based practice becomes embedded in day-to-day working but also becomes a whole-place approach, bringing on board other local partners and encouraging co-production with local people.

Key questions:

At the webinar, we also showcase SCIE’s new Department of Health and Social Care-funded critical review tool, Unlocking the potential of adult social care, which seeks to help social care leaders move towards a strengths-based, whole-place approach.


Webinar: Developing strengths-based places – the next steps for strengths-based practice

Tuesday 15 June 2021, 11:30

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