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Talking about co-production: Reflections on our face-to-face panel event

23 August 2022
By Tasnim Rahman, SCIE Research Analyst

It’s been a long time since I’d attended an in-person event due to Covid and working remotely. But, during Co-production Week 2022, we held a panel event and I had the opportunity to be there. I had best view of it, sitting at the back on my laptop taking notes and taking it all in. Co-production is about working in equal partnership with people using services, carers, families and citizens.

In that room in early July, there was a diverse presence, from Social Care Leads, Heads of Services, Project Managers, Population Health Programme Manager, Quality and Compliance Manager, Lived Experience Lead, Head of Community Participation; and others from various charities and health and social care settings.

Image of SCIE employee Tasnim Rahman

It was interesting to hear questions on sustainability of co-production methods and building on the support of senior leadership, especially when roles change or someone leaves their job. How does one prevent coproduction from slipping through when there’s a lot to juggle? How do we engage the people we want to work with and gain their trust, without ticking checkboxes whilst ensuring that funding is justified through demonstrating impactful evidence?

Then following on from what Andy, Director of Involvement at Revolving Doors charity, said, find out your workplace priorities and challenges, what needs to be addressed and offer co-production as a solution; rather than merely presenting co-production as a separate approach to existing ways of working.

Being the designated notetaker during the event meant I could swap the screen to Twitter. I saw people from the event posting pictures of the presentation and quoting the panellists, which was so encouraging to see. The room was buzzing with conversations, and I can’t wait to attend further face-to-face SCIE events soon.

Panellists on the day

  • Andy Williams – Director of Involvement, Revolving Doors charity
  • Deborah Rozansky – Director of Policy, Research and Information SCIE
  • Fiona Flowers – Head of Practice Development SCIE
  • Kathryn Smith – Chief Executive of SCIE
  • Kevin Minier – Co-production Board Member SCIE.

Face-to-face events coming soon

A panel event giving insights into the local government care reforms. If you would like to be notified about these events, please let us know by emailing:

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