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Equality, diversity and human rights training course

Co-production centres around equality, inclusivity and fairness. Learn about the legal duties that every employee must adhere to in this area.

Course content

This training provides insight into equality, diversity and human rights, as outlined in related legislation. It explains how staff with legal duties must legally fulfil their obligations.

Content includes:

  • the values around equality, diversity and human rights
  • an employee’s legal duties under The Equalities Act (2010), The Human Rights Act (1998) and The Care Act (2014)
  • FREDA (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy) principles which CQC uses
  • examples of test cases that apply to social care
  • discussion and exercises to allow for practical application of key learnings.

Learning outcomes

In terms of equality, diversity and human rights, attendees will:

  • understand the importance of equality, diversity and human rights in a social care setting
  • learn more about The Equality Act (2010) and The Human Rights Act (1998)
  • explore the FREDA principles
  • know how to identify prejudice and the impact it has on behaviour.

Who should attend?

Staff responsible for legal duties under the Equalities Act, Human Rights Act and the Care Act + FREDA principles.


The course is delivered over four hours.

Book on an in-house course

This is a sample training course outline. It is based on approximately 16 delegates (for online delivery) and 20 delegates (for face-to-face delivery at your premises). The course can be adapted to your organisation’s CPD requirements.