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Safeguarding children training course

Our training will provide a depth of knowledge in the area of safeguarding children.

Course content

  • The content covers relevant legislation and key processes surrounding this area of practice as well as understanding of contextual safeguarding and practical skills in risk assessment, professional curiosity, reflective practice, information sharing and partnership working.
  • The course includes practical exercises, scenario – based discussions and learning from reviews. This course is crucial for anyone who has direct contact with children, young people or their parents/carers.
  • The training has been designed to cover gaps in knowledge and practice identified as a result of Serious Case Reviews and Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews over the years.
  • The training will enable delegates to recognise and respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns, identify their safeguarding responsibilities as frontline practitioners and their roles within the multi-agency context.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand the importance of safeguarding children. 
  • To demonstrate an awareness of factors indicating that a child may be at risk or has been abused and to understand how different types of harm can affect children and their development. 
  • To demonstrate an awareness of key legislation and processes surrounding safeguarding children.
  • To understand how to respond to concerns, how to report them and to recognise the importance of information sharing and working in partnership to keep children safe 

Who should attend?

This course is of value to staff who work with children and young people. It useful for a range of professionals working across different sectors, including: 

  • frontline professionals, such as social workers, team leaders, residential key workers, foster carers 
  • staff working for voluntary organisations 
  • healthcare professionals  
  • teachers 


The course is not designed for experienced safeguarding leads or local authority staff with additional safeguarding responsibilities. For staff from these backgrounds we would recommend our accredited designated safeguarding lead training.


The length of the training is one full day, however SCIE trainers can deliver it over two half-days to suit your organisation’s needs.

CPD accreditation

CPD Standards Office accredited course ref no 60036/53.

CPD Standards Office Accredited Course

Book on an in-house course

This is a sample training course outline. It is based on approximately 16 delegates (for online delivery) and 20 delegates (for face to face delivery at your premises). The course can be adapted to your organisation’s CPD requirements.