Webinar recording: Growing innovation in adult social care

What’s the evidence so far?

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The Social Care Innovation Network (SCIN) has been established to examine and promote ways of innovative approaches to social care and support that can be supported to flourish and develop. As part of this work, the National School for Social Care Research commissioned the Social Care Innovation Network to undertake a literature review to understand the baseline evidence for scaling innovation in adult social care.

Running in parallel to the Network is a new project led by the London School of Economics, Supporting Adult Social Care Innovation (SASCI). This is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. This project aims to build evidence about how to support the adult social care sector to start-up, implement and spread affordable innovations that work well for everyone. The SCIN and SASCI are working closely to share expertise and learning.

The SCIN and SASCI are working closely to share expertise and learning.

What did the webinar cover?

This webinar brought both projects together to share their learning in relation to what is working well and not so well in scaling up and implementing innovative approaches to care and support.

This webinar explored:


Growing innovation in adult social care

Tuesday 30 June 2020, 14:00

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