Staff Management

Some writers have used Charles Dickens to describe the current situation in health and social care as being the 'best of times and the worst of times'. They may even feel that it applies in the sense of a return to those times. Whichever view we hold, it is clear that how we manage change is critical. Being aware of outcomes for users of the service and carers and actively engaging staff is an important baseline.

Research suggests that restructuring in a time of uncertainty and transition is not the best practice. Nonetheless, for those of us involved in this process of restructuring and transition, research also suggests that having a vision and translating that down to the workforce, involving, leading, engaging and learning with staff, is a good way of not 'wasting a good crisis'.

We have suggested in the leadership and management section that managers look at the work on 'becoming a learning organisation' in order to get some of this baseline work done. We also suggest that you look at the website of the Institute for Employment Studies. Its core activity covers all aspects of employment policy and labour market activity, which you might find useful. Finally, guidance on handling business reorganisation may be seen on the ACAS website.