Induction Standards for Northern Ireland

Standard 5: Recognise and respond to abuse and neglect

This standard in divided into the following five parts:

  1. Legislation, policies and procedures
  2. Understand the nature of abuse and neglect
  3. Recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect
  4. Understand how to respond to suspected abuse and neglect
  5. Whistleblowing.


Everyone has the right to live their lives free from violence and abuse. However, some people who use service may be vulnerable to abuse and neglect and this can have a significant impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Service users may need protection from services to ensure that abuse or neglect is prevented. As a social care worker it is important that you know about abuse and neglect, and what to do if you suspect that a service user is being abused or neglected.

If you are employed directly to support someone in their own home, you will need to consider how this standard applies to you.