Induction Standards for Northern Ireland

Standard 4: Communicate effectively: Encourage communication

Apart from communicating with people you support, part of your role is communicating with colleagues and other professionals who also work with the person you support. For example, the person you support may need to see a doctor because of a health problem. How can you assist?

Look at the following resources:

Check your understanding

  • Think of the people you care for. Choose three of them and explain how you communicate with them.
  • Think about how you communicate with other colleagues and professionals in relation to the person you support. In what way is it different?

Did you know?

  • Research shows that one of the things that promotes dignity in care is good communication. Follow the link to find out more about Dignity factors

Record what you have learned

  • Your organisation may have a Learning Record Form. If so, use that to write down what you have learned and any questions you might have. Otherwise you can use our Learning Record Form.