Induction Standards for Northern Ireland

Standard 3: Maintain safety at work

This standard is divided into the following seven parts:

  1. Health and safety
  2. Moving and handling
  3. Fire safety
  4. Emergency first aid
  5. Infection prevention and control
  6. Medication and health care procedures
  7. Security.


This standard has many parts but one single aim: safety, both of the worker and the person cared for. Much of it is common sense but the nature of care work makes health and safety critical. The Health and Safety Executive NI has a whole section on its website about the health and social care sector and you will find it helpful to look at this. There is also a free booklet, Health and safety in care homes, which covers most parts of this standard and can be printed out. If you work in home care, you will find Health and safety guidelines for home care workers, produced by UNISON, very helpful.

If you are employed directly to support someone in their own home, you will need to consider how this standard applies to you.