Adult safeguarding: Policy and procedures

Adult safeguarding policies on this page are now superseded by the Care Act 2014. Work is ongoing to develop new policies and procedures. However, SCIE is not involved in these developments. Once the new policies are agreed and in place, we will provide links to the relevant resources.

I am very grateful to everyone involved for the effort they have made to ensure these procedures are in place to help protect vulnerable adults in London

Marian Harrington, Westminster City Council

London multi-agency policy and procedures

‘Protecting adults at risk: London multi-agency policy and procedures to safeguard adults from abuse’ has been put together by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, NHS London, the Metropolitan Police and SCIE.

Each local partnership is asked to adopt the policy and procedures to ensure there is consistency across London in how adults at risk are safeguarded from abuse.

Some local partnerships may want to adapt various aspects of the procedures to meet their local arrangements. For example, some boroughs may have a slightly different approach to thresholds for Safeguarding Adults action. Local partnerships could add an appendix to this policy and procedures, outlining any variations

You can download the latest version of the policy and procedures and supporting documents, using the links below. The At a glance guide gives a brief overview of the report.

West Midlands multi-agency policy and procedures

These multi-agency policy and procedures were written by the West Midlands Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure Group. The group includes local councils, the police, NHS organisations and fire and ambulance services. The aim is to ensure that procedures between statutory agencies are consistent across the West Midlands region.

You can read the report here:

The governance of adult safeguarding boards

SCIE is publishing a number of reports that were commissioned by the Department of Health. These include a report that looks at the structure and function of Safeguarding Adults Boards.

You can download the report using the link below:

A legal guide for practitioners

This guide, also commissioned by the Department of Health, outlines the legal basis for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults at risk of harm in England.