Care Act training: needs, outcomes and care and support

This theme explores the difference between needs, outcomes and care and support, the different types and the relationship between them, in the individual’s journey in compliance with the Care Act.

Training videos

What are needs under the Care Act?

What are outcomes under the Care Act?

Care and support under the Care Act

Key messages



Care and support

Services can support achieving the personal outcomes, but they are not outcomes themselves.

Reflective questions

Find below a set of reflective questions that will help you embed the above key messages in your social care practice.

  1. Have you identified all the existing needs around the nine areas of wellbeing in the assessment of needs/carer assessment?
  2. Is it clear in your assessment what is the adult/carer view and what is your view? What is evidence and what is assumption?
  3. Is it clear in your assessment of needs/carer assessment what the adult/carer personal outcomes are in relation to the nine areas of wellbeing?
  4. Are the outcomes clear or do they have services, activities or methods of achieving the final result included?
  5. Do I need to explore with the individual the elements of their identified outcome to ensure that we fully understand what it is they are trying to achieve?
  6. Have you clearly determined which assessed needs are eligible needs and which ones are not? Do you have the evidence to support the professional opinion?
  7. Have you explored ALL options for provision of care and support to meet eligible needs?

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