List of potential members for SABs, their subgroups and task-and-finish groups

This checklist is not exhaustive and even allowing for this a SAB might not function effectively if too many of the suggested services became members. Those in bold are currently found on many SABs. Care Quality Commission inspectors, as the regulators of health and social care, may agree to attend SABs by invitation, but are not normally considered to be members. Local circumstances may prompt particular agencies to be included by SABs. For example, Croydon SAB has included the Home Office – UK Visas and immigration in its membership because of its proximity to Gatwick Airport. Likewise, local factors will impact on which voluntary sector organisations are most appropriate for a particular SAB.

Local authorities

Social care providers

Health care

Criminal justice system

Service user and carer groups

Community groups

Voluntary sector agencies

Local multi-agency partnerships