Commissioning during COVID-19: Next steps for commissioning?

Commissioners will be asking this question now. Many have noted that in a real emergency it has been possible to make changes to practice, systems and processes very rapidly. Some of these changes had previously been talked about for years. These changes where shown effective. The current crisis and different ways of doing things could be the catalyst for a shift.

The Social Care Innovation Network have been exploring why the framework of provision and models of support and practice in social care have changed little in decades, and innovation has remained marginal. The network of commissioners, people with lived experience and innovatory providers have been exploring the potential role for commissioning in shifting this position. They have produced a ‘starter for ten’ framework called Commissioning for a Better Future as a resource for those places interested in exploring how to shift the current ‘frozen’ position via asset-based commissioning.

There is considerable work to do to continue meeting existing and urgent needs, and more work is needed to plan the right things for the longer term. Commissioners have a key role in ensuring what they do really does help improve people’s lives.

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Commissioning during COVID-19
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