Co-production Commitments pledged

Co-production Week 2017

For Co-production Week 2017 we want organisations and individuals to make a Co-production Commitment.

The Commitment means promising to do at least one thing to support co-production. For organisations, it could be anything from doing a new co-production plan to sending some staff on a training course to find out about co-production. Individuals can look at how they can do more co-production in their work. Find out how to make your commitment.

Here is a list of all of the Co-production Commitments we’ve had in so far. Many of them are featured on our YouTube channel.

One of our key ambitions is making mainstream services accessible to deaf people. We work in co-production with deaf people. Our commitment is to spread the message that one small change can promote true equality for deaf people.

The Royal Association for Deaf People

My name is Jennifer Taylor and I work for People First Lambeth. I feel strongly about working with people with learning difficulties until they can get what they want.

Jennifer Taylor, Co-production Network Member

I’m Chief Social Worker for Adults in England. My commitment is to ensuring that developing professional standards for social work include and embed strengths based co-production approach when working with adults, their families and their carers.

Lynne Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults

My name is Larry Gardiner. I’m from the National Dementia Policy Think Tank. My co-production commitment is to build a working group in Oxfordshire for people who use services that includes everybody and represents everybody.

Larry Gardiner, Co-production Network Member

I’m Tony, Chief Executive here at the Social Institute for Excellence. Our organisation believes passionately in the principles and practice of co-production so everything we do will follow those principles. My commitment is to be challenged personally on behalf of the organisation whenever we get this wrong.

Tony Hunter, Social Care Institute for Excellence

My name is Kevin. I’m an independent carer representative. My co-production commitment is that I want to be the best team member that I can be. That means honoring and respecting the thoughts and contributions from others.

Kevin Minier, Co-production Network Member

Think Local, Act Personal has been committed to co-production since the very beginning, everything we do is co-produced with the National Co-production Advisory Group whose members are people with lived experience and carers. Our Programme Board is currently chaired by the president of ADASS and the chief executive of the Care Providers Association. However, from next month, the chair will be a member of the National Co-production Advisory Group; a person with lived experience. And that is our commitment – to model co-production at a strategic and influential level.

Caroline Speirs, Think Local Act Personal

My name is Laura Able and my commitment to co-production is to listen to people actively and take their views on board.

Laura Able, Co-production Network Member

I pledge to remind people of the principles when they use the term co-production to describe what is really low level or tokenistic user involvement.

Patrick Wood, Co-production Network Member

Hi, my name is Helen Sanderson and my co-production pledge is to keep building co-production right into the centre of the way wellbeing teams work.

Helen Sanderson, Helen Sanderson Associates

I’m Ju Gosling. I’m the co-chair of Regard and my co-production commitment is to carry on working alongside Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered Queer and Intersex organisations until such time as we achieve full inclusion.

Ju Gosling, REGARD

I’m Tracey and I’m the sensory Rehabilitation Worker for Thurrock Council. I’m Jo, I’m Sensory Social Worker for Thurrock Council. I’m Lisa. I have visual impairment and this is my guide dog Cassie. Together we are working towards an all inclusive approach where mutual goals are recognised and achieved. Working together we are stronger.

Tracey Cross, Jo Hall, Lisa Holiday, Thurrock Council

Hello, my name is John Bowles and I'm consultant freelance trainer for Avanti Training Solutions. I'm also a consultant for Crossroads Care South Central, part of the Carers Trust Network and my co-production commitment is to be the best trainer and provide the best level of training to all members of staff.

John Bowles, Avanti Training Solutions

Renaisi is an award winning social enterprise, which supports people and places to thrive. Our work is incredibly diverse and increasingly we are applying co-production principles to what we do. Our pledge today is to identify a co-production champion who will work with the staff, look at what we do well and where we can improve and to produce our first co-production policy.

Clive Tritton, Chief Executive, Renaisi

Co-production is about valuing different forms of knowledge. I’m working with colleagues from the CommUnity team at Leeds Beckett on a paper titled ‘Co-production and Mental health - patient champions speak back to power’, a collaboration coming from the ESRC seminar series on co-production. My expertise is as a mental health service user and patient champion.

Karl Witty and Leanne Winfield, Leeds Beckett

My co-production commitment is to work with our Wessex PIN partners so that co-production becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Claire Ballinger, Wessex Public Involvement Network

Our co-production commitment is that we want to keep it grounded in reality, ensuring that it remains authentic and not be seduced by people who want to water it down.

Sally Percival and Martin Yates Co-chairs, Think Local Act Personal Partnership. Members of the National Co-production Advisory Group

Hi, I’m Jolie Goodman, Later Life Lead at the Charity, The Mental Health Foundation. I pledge for co-production week to develop our programme with people in later life.

Jolie Goodman, Mental Heath Foundation

Our commitment to co-production week is that we will ensure the voice of the citizen is indeed central to everything we do - top to bottom in skills for care and the resources we produce.

Sharon Allen, Chief Executive Skills for Care

My name’s Clair Tessla, I’m a disabled woman and a carer. My commitment to co-production is to make sure everybody is valued, listened to and has a voice.

Clair Tessla, Co-production Network member

Hi, my name’s Ray Johnson from People First Self Advocacy. My commitment is to carry on getting people with learning difficulties’ voices heard and to stand up for the rights of people with learning difficulties."

Ray Johnson from People First Self Advocacy

I am involved, in a small way, in the development of a recovery college in Leeds, and am also interested in mental health provision. In both of these I am interested in the application of coproduction and asset based approaches. In the development of the recovery college, there is a commitment to the use of an asset based approach. However, I am aware of some challenges or potential problems. For example, when I attended an event run by Wakefield Recovery College about coproduction I saw that most of the people at the event, commissioners, had little grasp of co-production (even by the end of the event). Against this background and these challenges, I am committed to trying to make sure that a true co-production approach is used in the development of the recovery college.

Mark Woodhead; Retired community development and health worker

My commitment is to develop guidance on the ‘principles of co-producing research’ with the intention of evolving and improving public involvement in research.

Dr Gary Hickey, Senior Public Involvement Manager, Involve

We pledge to gain service user involvement in the design and contents of our training courses to better target the care and support provided by the staff team - making it truly person centered.

Sangita Boyd, Director, Alium Care Training

Hello. We are Shaping Our Lives and we are committed to co-production. We work together to ensure that the voices of disabled people are heard.

Shaping Our Lives, national network of service users and disabled people

One of our commitments for co-production week is to hire a co-production and involvement assistant. This is a new role and will ensure that co-production is embedded across our entire organization; and that we work in a collaborative way with the people we support, along with their families and other stakeholders, particularly through our national co-production group.

Dominique Richards, Personalisation Officer at Walsingham Support

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