Co-production training

SCIE can develop, deliver and evaluate a training and learning programme tailored to your ADASS region, individual local authority or care provider. Many of our clients combine our training with our consultancy services.

Co-production training programmes

SCIE can provide a range of co-production courses, such as those outlined below. Click on the title to view a sample of the course programme which can be adapted to suit your needs.

Co-production – an introduction

An interactive session giving you the practical tools required for successful co-production.

Co-production and the Care Act

What the Act says about coproducing services and systems with people who use services and carer, why it is important, where it is being done well, and how to do it.

Co-producing integrated care

How co-production can make integrated care a reality

Co-production: vision and reality

Building partnerships with users and carers is what co-production is about. But how do providers and commissioners actually make this a reality? Discover the processes and tools required for co-production.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights are challenging concepts. They can be confusing and hard to get right. But they form an important value base for social care services which has a legal basis.

Paying people who receive benefits

Good practice when paying fees and expenses to people who use services and carers who get involved in participation, involvement and co-production.

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