Transforming care

Consultancy support on transforming local care and support systems

SCIE acts as an improvement partner to local areas and systems across both children’s and adults’ services.

We provide a combination of capacity, expertise, knowledge, support and challenge as local areas reconfigure their care services and systems.

We work with the whole system including local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, care and health providers, user-led organisations, local citizens, voluntary, community and social enterprises - to develop and deliver improvement plans.

Our services – which can be tailored to local needs, budgets and timescales – include:

Surrey CC has been pleased to engage SCIE as our improvement partner aimed at adding capacity, challenge, support, knowledge and expertise to our adults social care improvement journey. It’s early days, but the partnership is shaping well and we all benefit from the open and engaging style SCIE is bringing, helping us build on areas of strength as well as known challenges.

Simon White, Interim Executive Director for Adult Social Care, Surrey County Council
  1. Developing improvement plans: We work with local areas to develop the vision and strategy for good quality care and support across the area. This often includes a systematic desk review; review of performance; data workshops; and interviews. This work helps to generate a strategic view alongside an evidence-base to inform Improvement Plans and ‘quick wins’.
  2. Implementing plans: Depending on the focus of the initial analysis and overarching improvement plan, a range of SCIE experts and associates will work with local areas to develop and changes to challenge individual implementation plans. For example, we have expertise in supporting system leadership, redesign of assessments, asset-based approaches, safeguarding and co-production. We can support with: programme management, systems re-design; workforce development and CPD accredited training; quality assurance; and coaching and mentoring.
  3. Reviewing and embedding improvement plans: We review the programme processes, outcomes and metrics to help ensure that the Improvement Plan is sustained in the longer term. We can, for example, develop and host an event with key stakeholders to embed and engender ownership of the strategy.

Client case study

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Review of Adult Social Care Transformation Programme
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council logo

Tameside commissioned SCIE to:

  • review emerging proposals for the transformation of adult social care and assess them against national good practice
  • conduct cost-benefit analysis of projects to look at their potential return on investment and cost avoidance to the health and care system
  • facilitate workshops with staff and service users to develop recommendations

Tameside is seeking to transform its adult social care services by investing in a number of innovative projects which aim to help more people live at home, improve the quality of care, and enable people to live better lives. The plans are designed to complement and enhance.

Greater Manchester’s Adult Social Care Transformation Programme

The programme, which has been approved by Tameside’s Single Commissioning Board, involves investment in a number of transformation projects, including services for people with dementia, carers and people with learning disabilities.

Surrey County Council. Adult social care services improvement partner

Review of Adult Social Care Transformation Programme
Surrey Council logo

Surrey Council Council has asked SCIE to become a long-term improvement partner to provide challenge and support. This will help the council to develop and implement an adult care and support improvement plan. Key areas of focus will be on: Co-producing a robust improvement plan to deliver improved and financially sustainable services; Developing a strengths-based practice framework; Developing a robust commissioning and market-shaping plan; And transforming services for adults with learning disabilities and also reablement.

"Surrey County Council has been pleased to engage SCIE as our improvement partner aiming at adding capacity, challenge, support, knowledge and expertise to our adults social care improvement journey. It’s early days, but the partnership is shaping well and we all benefit from the open and engaging style SCIE is bringing, helping us build on areas of strength as well as known challenges." Simon White, Interim Executive Director, Adult Social Care, Surrey County Council.

London Borough of Bexley. Long-term strategic partner

Bexley Council logo

Bexley has commissioned SCIE to become a long-term partner to review, challenge, give guidance and endorsement to help the senior management team deliver and implement their transformational Adult Social Care Pathways programme. This will involve reviewing and critically challenging their services model against good practice; and providing critical coaching and group reflection sessions with senior leaders.

States of Jersey. Children’s social care learning partner

Jersey logo

SCIE has been asked by the States of Jersey to become a long-term learning partner on children’s social care. This role will include: Developing a learning programme for social workers; Supporting the implementation of a practice framework; Quality assuring and auditing to raise the standard of safeguarding practice; And coaching and mentoring to senior managers.

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Review of All Age Disability Service

Barking and Dagenham logo

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has been running an All-age Disability service since 2015. This service comprises social workers specialised in adult care and social workers specialising in children’s social care, but all of them have knowledge of both adult and children services. SCIE has been commissioned to carry out a review of Barking and Dagenham’s All Age Disability services through:

  • A review of national practice
  • Workshops with strategic partners and leaders
  • Engagement with staff, along with people who use services and families.

The Role of NHS Digital in Adult Social Care

NHS logo

SCIE, in partnership with PPL and Cordis Bright, has been commissioned by NHS Digital to conduct a review to help define NHS Digital’s role in Adult Social Care. The purpose of this review, which involved desk-based analysis, interviews, a survey of stakeholders and workshops with leaders across NHS Digital, has been to support NHS Digital to develop a consistent narrative about its role and impact in relation to Adult Social Care; a narrative that is co-developed, shared internally and externally, and has the potential to influence future activity and outcomes.

Lancashire and South Cumbria integrated care system

Developing ambitions for integrated care
Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria logo

SCIE, working with our senior associate Richard Jones, has been commissioned by to work with Local Authorities in Lancashire & South Cumbria and the ICS Executive to generate a shared set of ambitions for health and social care integration in L&SC over the next two-to-five years; to identify priorities for action; and to scope a delivery plan.