Using technology to inform, stimulate and engage

Technology provides an array of methods so people with dementia can be informed, stimulated and engaged.

Find information

Google Search can be used to find contact information and details of services.

Google Street View can help people to find where a day centre is or where they used to live or a pub they used to visit. If it’s a finger-operated machine, some people will understand that a digit put on a street in Street View can be pushed down the road.

Stimulate interest

Finding out about someone’s life or interests by following connections on the web is a great way to understand and begin to know a person.

Case study: Familiar images

A woman living with dementia visited a day centre. The woman was confused and had trouble communicating with visitors and staff. Staff found out she had been in the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF). They found Google images of WRAF uniforms and the woman recognised the one she used to wear. Staff also found photographs of airbases where she had worked as well as one of her husband and his Royal Air Force (RAF) crew. The husband was not aware the picture existed.


Whether it is accessing online news, emailing an MP or participating as a citizen, people with dementia have the same right to digital access as everyone else. Technology opens up avenues for intellectual stimulation, allows people to manage their money or to develop new interests.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned are to provide ideas for consideration only, none are endorsed by SCIE.