Dementia environment at home

This video shows how simple changes to create a more dementia friendly environment can have a positive impact on a person living with dementia's emotional well being and independence.

Messages for practice

  1. People with dementia often experience the world differently, simple changes to the home environment can make a big difference to people living at home with dementia (e.g. labels on doors).
  2. When people get dementia they sometimes become upset about things at home that have been fine in the past, they may need reassurance.
  3. Regular reviews should be undertaken to make sure the environment remains dementia friendly as the needs of the person with dementia will change.
  4. Making changes to the home environment can help a person with dementia to remain independent and maintain their dignity.

Who will find this useful?

Carers, people with dementia, social workers, care staff, care providers, people supporting people with dementia.


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