Participation in development of dementia care

Having been diagnosed with dementia at the age of 70, Brian and his wife June now actively participate in planning dementia care services in Gloucestershire.

The video illustrates the range of activities they are involved in - developing a ‘Living Well Handbook’, giving talks and helping shape training tools. It also highlights how commissioners, support organisations and carers all have a role to play in enabling the person with dementia to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. Brian also believes that the person with dementia benefits too, through knowing that they are doing something worthwhile. 

Messages for practice

  1. Encouraging and facilitating the involvement of people with dementia in planning services is an important aspect of the National Dementia Strategy.
  2. Participation in service development may help the person with dementia to feel that they have something worthwhile to contribute and a useful role to play following diagnosis.
  3. If commissioners hear and respond to the views of people with dementia they may develop services that make a difference and offer value for money.
  4. Commissioners, support organisations and carers all have a role to play in facilitating and enabling the participation of people with dementia.
  5. Practical tools, individual support and reminders and reassurance are all essential if people with dementia are to participate effectively and benefit personally.

Who will find this useful?

Commissioners; service managers; voluntary organisations; advocacy services; people with dementia and carers; social workers.


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