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Demonstrating social workers’ impact in housing: A poem

Published: April 2024


This heartfelt poem shows the profound impact social workers, as dedicated support figures, can have on lives and those facing significant challenges. This shows how following a dedicated housing pathway and guidance can make all the difference to the experience of the end client and their family. Through empathy, patience, and unwavering commitment, Claire (a social worker) has provided invaluable support, helping individuals navigate their inner struggles and find renewed strength.

This poetic expression of gratitude underscores the importance of understanding and being compassionate to transform lives, as well as the vital role social workers play in offering hope and guidance to those most in need.


Hi Claire the miracle worker, it’s Tommy’s mum who’s speaking
I’ve Popped up here to thank you lots, even though my eyes are leaking
You’ve supported our son Tommy through the hardest time this year
Through highs and lows and crises, and through times of abject fear.

You’ve listened and read his rantings, seen the worst and best of him
And not once did you falter, or find your patience running thin
You’ve taken time to see beneath the challenging behaviour
And though you might not think it, you’ve been a bit of a saviour.

His life has not been easy, he’s travelled a rocky road
He’s made some awful choices that have added to his load
But YOU saw through those choices, to the feelings underneath
You helped him calm his anger and helped restore the peace.

You’ve patiently and quietly plodded the road with him
And sat and waited calmly while he’s done something on a whim
You’ve visited and phoned him even when he couldn’t respond
Waited until his mind was calm then waved your magic wand.

Actually, Claire, we all know that that is not quite true
None of us have magic wands to conjure out of the blue
Rather it is empathy, knowledge, patience and care
Even when you’re feel like you could tear out every hair!

I’m sorry the poem’s soppy, we just wanted you to know
How much you are appreciated, we hope we make you glow
With pride at what your doing, for lonely souls like Tom
Who are desperate for understanding, but cannot get quite right.

Their way of showing the world that at times they just can’t cope
And they are struggling to survive, on a really slippery slope
Some of them have families who care as much as us
But others are completely abandoned, thrown under the bus.

Each of those vulnerable humans deserves a Claire to help them out
To sit with them and listen, to what THEIR life is all about
In the difficult world they inhabit, the world in their heads I mean
The world they hide from many, the world that goes unseen.

Many mask their deepest feelings using anger, drink and drugs
Making people doing your job sometimes feel like mugs
But you see beneath that blanket of bravado, guilt and shame
You help them put their life into a completely different frame.

We want to thank you so so much for sticking by our son
And helping others see just why he seems to wants to run
From anyone who’s trying, to help him reframe his life
From all those people watching as his mood can take a dive.

Sometimes watching is all we can do, while standing in the wings
While to some fragile string of life these people can just cling
Being able to jump in quickly though the moment their minds are clear
Is what’s so made the difference to our son’s most difficult year.

Thank you Claire for who you are and the amazing job you do,
Thanks for believing in Tommy and giving him strength a-new
As you step back from supporting him and place that in other’s hands
We hope you’ll pat yourself on the back as you move to other plans.

Keep doing what you do because you are literally saving lives
Keep listening to their inner voice, their desperate hidden cries
For somebody who “gets them”, who’s with them as long as it takes
Thank you, Claire Harper, for the difference that you make.

Anonymous author.