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Independent living solutions: Empowering lives and enhancing communities

Published: April 2024


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and social services, our mission is to address the challenges faced by individuals seeking independent living options.

Explore our comprehensive toolkit, offering guidance and resources across the seven key areas listed below, to empower social workers and individuals alike.

Housing with support

This resource provides an overview of various housing options coupled with support services. It guides individuals through assessing their needs and determining suitable housing solutions, offering insights into funding options and financial support. Real-life case studies highlight successful independent living arrangements.

Supported living

We explain the benefits of supported living and provide best practices for supporting individuals with disabilities or specific needs. This resource also offers guidance on coordinating support services, promoting independence, and ensuring safety in supported living settings.

Community support services

This resource provides an overview of available services and organisations. It guides users on accessing community support networks and resources and funding, while also offering insights into promoting community engagement and social inclusion through real-life case examples.

Housing with care

There are various housing with care models such as assisted living facilities and retirement communities. This resource outlines guidelines for assessing care needs, selecting appropriate housing options, and accessing available care services to ensure emotional wellbeing and quality of life.

Homeshare programmes

We introduce the benefits for independent living. This resource provides guidance on setting up and managing a homeshare programme, tips for matching individuals with suitable home sharers, and important legal considerations for successful arrangements.

Co-housing communities

This resource offers an overview of co-housing models, steps for establishment and management, guidance on decision-making processes, communal living arrangements, and strategies for fostering community and collaboration.


This resource provides an explanation of the history and purpose of almshouses, eligibility criteria, application process guidelines, and insights into resident responsibilities and community engagement opportunities.

Case studies highlighting successful independent living arrangements

Case study one

The Johnson Family: Adoption and UK housing difficulties

Case study two

Robert Walker: A resilient individual

Case study three

Downs Syndrome, autism and supported living

Poem: Demonstrating social workers’ impact in housing

This heartfelt poem shows the profound impact social workers, as dedicated support figures, can have on lives and those facing significant challenges.