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Template letter to assessors to set out contact with IMCAs or paid representatives

This letter could be sent to each assessor immediately an IMCA or paid representative is alerted to the need to represent a person in assessments. This includes:

  • 39A, 39C, or 39D IMCAs for assessments undertaken a part of a request for a standard authorisation
  • 39C or 39D IMCAs for assessments undertaken as part of a review.

It is designed so that it can be sent before the IMCA starts their work of supporting and representing the person. This is to ensure that the assessors are alerted as early as possible to the involvement of an IMCA. It can also help make sure that assessments are not completed without the IMCA having an opportunity to provide input.

This letter could be sent by an administrator when the initial IMCA instruction arrives.

Paid representatives involved in reviews or requests for further standard authorisations may also wish to use such a letter to identify how they wish to be involved in assessments.

IMCA roles in the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards