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Sexual Abuse in Care Homes (14 November 2023)
By Suzanne Howard, SCIE Practice Development Consultant

Head-shot of the author, Rebekah Luff, SCIE Senior Research Analyst Strategic planning for housing with the ‘Serious Game’ (19 October 2023)
By Rebekah Luff, SCIE Senior Research Analyst

Head-shot of the author, Kathryn Smith, SCIE Chief Executive Innovation in care homes: Removing stigma and embracing technology (27 September 2023)
By Kathryn Smith, SCIE Chief Executive

Head-shot of the author, John Lanyon, Co-Founder of KareInn. Why we must keep taking data-driven steps forward (31 July 2023)
By John Lanyon, Co-Founder of KareInn.

Head-shot of the author, Phil Gibson, Co-production Lead, Camphill Village Trust Co-production: Being confident, comfortable, and brave enough to tell your story (05 July 2023)
By Phil Gibson, Co-production Lead, Camphill Village Trust

Head-shot of the author, Cleo Lapidge. 3C’s Advanced Practitioner and Interim Co-Production Lead Co-Production in the real world in Worcestershire (05 July 2023)
By Cleo Lapidge. 3C’s Advanced Practitioner and Interim Co-Production Lead

Head-shot of the author, Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy and Practice Officer, Race Equality Foundation The importance of co-production for minority ethnic communities (05 July 2023)
By Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy and Practice Officer, Race Equality Foundation

Head-shot of the author, Various The Making of the film 'John’s Fight for Freedom' (04 July 2023)
By Various

Head-shot of the author, Josie Soutar, Managing Director, Sheffield Flourish Getting co-production wrong (04 July 2023)
By Josie Soutar, Managing Director, Sheffield Flourish

Head-shot of the author, Patrick Wood, Chair of the SCIE Co-production Network. Active in the mental health survivor movement since 1989 What do you mean by ‘the usual suspects’? (03 July 2023)
By Patrick Wood, Chair of the SCIE Co-production Network. Active in the mental health survivor movement since 1989

Valuing people's differences (02 July 2023)
By Helen Guest, Co-production Programmes Manager, Active Prospects

Tackling inequalities in care: The telephone remains key for human-centred care and support (23 May 2023)
By John Hersov, ‘Am I invisible’ facilitator

The power of a professional and a strengths-based approach to aspiration (22 May 2023)
By Ellie Haworth, SCIE Head of Partnerships and Practice Improvement

Women’s pay day spotlight: Women in social care (03 May 2023)
By Helen Broad, SCIE Policy and Public Affairs Officer

Co-production. My Journey (02 May 2023)
By Caroline Waugh, Co-production Week Planning Group and National Co-production Advisory Group member

Improving referrals to Shared Lives – new training directory for social workers (19 April 2023)
By Ewan King, CEO, Shared Lives Plus

What next for Liberty Protection Safeguards? (13 April 2023)
By Claire Webster, SCIE Practice Development Consultant

‘Rebuilding Together'. Insights into how care homes coped during the pandemic (04 April 2023)
By Tom Owen, Director of My Home Life England.

What does the County Lines Data mean (03 April 2023)
By Ellie Haworth, SCIE Head of Partnerships and Practice Improvement

Social Work Week: Talking to 700 delegates (29 March 2023)
By Claire Webster, SCIE Practice Development Consultant

Co-production: I was intrigued (14 March 2023)
By Tasnim Rahman, SCIE Research Analyst

Digital mental health tools supporting young people in Gloucestershire (05 January 2023)
By Beth Gibbons, Programme Manager for Children’s Mental Health and Maternity at NHS Gloucestershire

The cost of living, access to assistive technology and off-the-shelf answers. (04 January 2023)
By Matthew Ford, SCIE Research Analyst

Wales: Improving access to digital learning and addressing digital literacy in social care (28 November 2022)
By Daniel Jupp Kina, SCIE Research Analyst

Becoming a Statutory Advocate (11 November 2022)
By Hilary Paxton, Statutory Advocate

If we focus on a positive future for social care, change can happen (02 November 2022)
By SCIE, TLAP, Shared Lives Plus, Mayday Trust, Community Catalysts and IMPACT

World Menopause Day 18 October 2022 (18 October 2022)
By Joanna Lenham, SCIE Practice Development Manager

Black History Month 2022: Book review (11 October 2022)
By Joanna Lenham, SCIE Practice Development Manager

Thinking about financial abuse within families. How care providers can help (07 October 2022)
By Jennifer Hawkswood. Adult Safeguarding Consultant

Preparing for Liberty Protection Safeguards. Applying rights-based practice now (26 September 2022)
By Claire Webster, SCIE Practice Development Consultant

Talking about co-production: Reflections on our face-to-face panel event (23 August 2022)
By Tasnim Rahman, SCIE Research Analyst

Talking about co-production in Kirklees (07 July 2022)
By Beve Smith, Dulcie Leach, Tamsin Macdonald and Alex Chaplin.

Talking about co-production in Doncaster (05 July 2022)
By Valerie Wood and Bryony Shannon

Co-Production. The Care Act and the Wellbeing Principle (05 July 2022)
By John Evans, OBE, Independent Living and Disability Rights activist, and former SCIE Co-production Steering Group Chair

The impact of co-production: Learning from experience (04 July 2022)
By Patrick Wood, Chair of the SCIE Co-production Network. Active in the mental health survivor movement since 1989

Somewhere under the Double Rainbow – Discussing LGBTQAI+ and Neurodiversity Intersectionality (29 June 2022)
By Zoe Gould, SCIE trustee; and digital transformation specialist, writer and speaker

Leading strength-based practice: A model of leadership for European social care? (14 June 2022)
By Ewan King, SCIE Deputy Chief Executive and Dr Robin Miller, Professor of Collaborative Learning in Social Care at the University of Birmingham

Learning during the pandemic – the experiences of newly qualified social workers (NQSW) in Wales (09 June 2022)
By Daniel Jupp Kina, SCIE Research Analyst

The Pledge - an update a year on (26 May 2022)
By Kathryn Smith, SCIE Chief Executive

Mental Health Awareness Week and the workplace (13 May 2022)
By Michaela Gray, SCIE HR Business Partner and Mental Health First Aider

Mental health awareness week: Loneliness (09 May 2022)
By Joanna Lenham, SCIE Practice Development Manager

Ramadan and me (18 April 2022)
By Tasnim Rahman, SCIE Research Analyst

Why ‘Going Gold' for Autism acceptance is important in April (13 April 2022)
By Jane Green, SCIE Trustee

Sexual Incidents in Adult Social Care (23 March 2022)
By Rebekah Luff, SCIE Senior Research Analyst

Liberty Protection Safeguards: It’s coming home (to Care Act/Care Management processes) (10 March 2022)
By Steve Chamberlain, independent social worker and trainer

Covid has given us an opportunity to address some inequalities in the workplace. Let’s not let it get away (08 March 2022)
By Fiona Flowers, SCIE Head of Practice Development

Involving LGBTQ+ people with lived experience of social care in research (03 March 2022)
By Dr Liadh Timmins, Research Fellow, Department of Social Work and Social Care, University of Birmingham

Regional aspirations to improve the experience of leaving care (10 February 2022)
By Emma Smale, Practice Development Consultant, SCIE

Let’s Talk About Race. A blog for Race Equality Week (07 February 2022)
By Kathryn Smith, SCIE Chief Executive

Returning to SCIE (21 December 2021)
By Eleanor Mould, Project Coordinator: Social Care Institute for Excellence

"SCIE are continuing the mission to improve". A former CEO blogs (14 December 2021)
By Andrea Sutcliffe CBE, Chief Executive and Registrar, Nursing and Midwifery Council

Conversations with carers (06 December 2021)
By Dr Rashmi Becker, MBE, Founder of Step Change Studios

Children’s social care: What about tech? (19 November 2021)
By Julie Tyas, registered social worker and Senior Business Application Consultant at Servelec.

Care Talk and SCIE Coming out of Covid conference (17 November 2021)

Family Group Conferencing: The ‘where’ and ‘how’ in Adult Social Care (16 November 2021)
By Miranda Johnson, FGC Team Manager and Annabelle Stock, FGC Senior Practitioner, Birmingham City Council

"An organisation to cherish". A former Chief Executive on our 20th anniversary (02 November 2021)
By Julie Jones, CBE, SCIE Chief Executive 2007 - 2012

Black History Month 2021 (29 October 2021)
By Tasnim Rahman, SCIE Research Analyst

20th anniversary: Tony Hunter remembers (28 October 2021)
By Tony Hunter, SCIE Chief Executive, 2014-2020

Tackling the BAME social care workforce burnout crises (27 October 2021)
By Dr. Godfred Boahen, National Safeguarding Team, The Archbishops' Council

20th anniversary: A former Chair writes.. (18 October 2021)
By Allan Bowman, SCIE Chair 2006-2013

20th anniversary: Standout moment - SCIE Co-production Festival (12 October 2021)
By John Evans, Independent Living and Disability Rights activist, and former SCIE Co-production Steering Group Chair

20 years of SCIE (06 October 2021)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

It does what it says on the tin… (14 September 2021)
By Alex Fox OBE, CEO Shared Lives Plus; Kathryn Morgan, Development Manager, Shared Lives and Homeshare in Wales; and Karyn Kirkpatrick CEO KeyRing

Finding a care home: Tips and advice (26 August 2021)
By Will Donnelly, CEO of Lottie, which offers support to care-seekers

It’s time to deliver a better future of SEND funding (23 August 2021)
By Natalie Kenneison, Chief Operating Officer at Imosphere

Visiting and Covid-19: Legal duties for care staff (19 August 2021)
By Helen Wildbore, Director, Relatives and Residents Association

Co-production in Oxfordshire: Three years on (09 July 2021)
By Jo Barnicoat, Parent / Carer - and Karen Fuller, Deputy Director of Adult Social Care, Oxfordshire County Council

Our Voice: Celebrating co-production (09 July 2021)
By Robin Gibson. Inclusive Participation Officer, The Down's Syndrome Association

How to do autism conferences in a new wave, punk style (08 July 2021)
By Jane Green, SCIE trustee

How can we use co-production to promote anti-racism? (08 July 2021)
By Arjun Malhotra. Involvement and Participation Manager at Migrant Help

Take the pledge: Putting people at the heart of events (08 July 2021)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Co-production in Hampshire (07 July 2021)
By Lara Blake and Jessica Tallett, Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group Continuing Healthcare Team

Involving parents and carers in decisions made about young people (06 July 2021)
By Lisa Coffman - Treasurer and Co-ordinator at the Barnet Parent Carer Forum

What is Co-production? (05 July 2021)
By Anne Pridmore, SCIE Co-production Network

Gloucestershire: Combatting loneliness with new housing and support scheme (21 June 2021)
By Jordan Davis, Director, Cloud Nine Support

Shift or skid? What are commissioners doing? (14 June 2021)
By Clive Miller and Richard Field, coaches and facilitators at the Public Service Transformation Academy

John the legend can tame a goldfish! (01 June 2021)
By Kat Sowden, Managing Director, Persona Care and Support

Whose social care is it anyway? Five changes needed to bring about a new vision for care and support (27 May 2021)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

The A to Z of the Mental Capacity Act (24 May 2021)
By Claire Webster (North Yorkshire) and Jack Skinner (Bradford)

Tech’s vital role in securing the future of childhood (24 May 2021)
By Julie Tyas, Social Care Senior Business Applications Consultant, at Servelec.

Supporting vulnerable children and families during Covid-19: Great resilience and adaptability (14 May 2021)
By Annie Hudson, Chair of the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and SCIE trustee

Supporting staff mental health is dear to my heart (14 May 2021)
By Michaela Gray, SCIE HR Business Partner and Mental Health First Aider

The benefits of mental health first aid training (11 May 2021)
By Joanna Lenham, SCIE Practice Development Manager

One person's jargon is another's Quality Improvement (04 May 2021)
By Will Warburton Director of Improvement, The Health Foundation

What should the vision be for adult social care (30 April 2021)
By Alex Fox, Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus, Vice Chair of Think Local Act Personal and a SCIE trustee

Applying 'LPS thinking' now (28 April 2021)
By Alex Ruck Keene, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers

Why ‘Going Gold’ is important on Autism Acceptance Day – 2nd April (02 April 2021)
By Jane Green, SCIE trustee

Trans Day of Visibility 2021 (31 March 2021)
By Michaela Gray and Alex Lorenzu, SCIE staff: Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Group

Why technology has been so important during the pandemic (29 March 2021)
By Trevor Salomon, carer and member of the Carers Advisory Panel for Dementia Carers Count

Thoughts on International Women's Day (08 March 2021)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

“If you haven’t been vaccinated, could someone else come and see me please?” (25 February 2021)
By Dr Jonathan Leach OBE, General Practitioner Davenal House Surgery Bromsgrove

Child protection practice on the front line (24 February 2021)
By Jane Heap, Advanced Practitioner at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust

Becoming a SCIE trustee: Joining up the dots and different coloured marbles (08 February 2021)
By Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair of Think Local Act Personal and member of the National Co-production Advisory Group

Family carers: Doubly disadvantaged? (03 February 2021)
By Dame Philippa Russell, Vice-President, Carers UK - and carer for her son Simon

Race equality in the workplace (02 February 2021)
By Shirish Gandhi, Publishing Manager, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Frameworks for results, commissioning for people (29 January 2021)
By Karyn Kirkpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, KeyRing

Homeshare and COVID-19: Can They co-exist? (21 January 2021)
By Laura Paddon, Postgraduate PhD Researcher, University of Southampton

A particular paradigm: We have a system designed for that... (19 January 2021)
By Deborah Travers, Adult Social Care Change Manager at the London Borough of Bexley and Vikki Wilkinson, Chief Executive of Bexley Voluntary Service Council

The five Cs proving the value of mobile phones in social care (17 December 2020)
By David McKinney, Managing Director of Local Government at Servelec

Lockdown Learnings (17 December 2020)
By Pamela Holmes, Care Home Friends and Neighbours, North West London

Our strategy can help communities unlock their potential (03 December 2020)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Housing and social care can work well together (01 December 2020)
By Aileen Evans, Group Chief Executive, Grand Union Housing Group

Jen: Living the most extraordinary, 'normal' life (25 November 2020)
By Sue Blackwell, Chair of DanceSyndrome, on behalf of her daughter, Jen

Assistive robots for care (10 November 2020)
By Dr Alan Walker, Director at SysElek

Help social workers record CPD and renew their registration (22 October 2020)
By Claudia Downs, External Communications Officer, Social Work England

My reflections on Black History Month (19 October 2020)
By Abi Arikawe, SCIE Project Co-ordinator - Co-production

How about free personal care? (13 October 2020)
By Morgan Vine. Head of Policy and Influencing, Independent Age

Don’t ever call us unskilled again! (18 September 2020)
By Sally Warren, Managing Director, Paradigm

Making music a part of dementia care now and in the long term (10 September 2020)
By Grace Meadows, Programme Director, Music for Dementia

Extraordinary times, exceptional circumstances: Larkins families and carers group (07 September 2020)
By Written by the Larkins families and carers group

Winnie's world: Affordable independent living (04 September 2020)
By Dasos Christou, Silva Homes executive director (customer relations)

Targeted intervention (02 September 2020)
By Wajid Shafiq, CEO, Xantura

Healthy communities and COVID-19: moving to a whole system approach (17 August 2020)
By Tom Mapplethorpe and Jude Stansfield, Public Health England

COVID-19: 'Recovery' can't just mean business as usual (31 July 2020)
By Sam Royston, Director of Policy and Research, the Children’s Society

It's 2020 and AI is calling (30 July 2020)
By Hector Alexander, Co-Founder & COO at Yokeru Care Technology

The hopes (and fears) of social workers for hospital discharge processes, post-COVID (21 July 2020)
By Julie Tyas, registered social worker, and Senior Business Application Consultant at Servelec

Regulating in a pandemic: Introducing 'VUCA' (10 July 2020)
By Interim Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, Patricia Higgins

No baton changes: We must start from what people want (01 July 2020)
By Oonagh Smyth, Chief Executive, Skills for Care

Please don’t burst this bubble – an exploration of the positive unintended consequences of COVID-19 (25 June 2020)
By Edel Harris, CEO of Mencap

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know (23 June 2020)
By Dianna Stirling, Partnership Manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Disabled Living Foundation

Co-production in lockdown (22 June 2020)
By Patrick Wood, SCIE Co-production, Equalities and Human Rights Steering Group Member

Time to step up and invest in social care (16 June 2020)
By Deborah Alsina MBE, Chief Executive, Independent Age

The future of adult social care and support (15 June 2020)
By Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board

Highs and Lows: Reflections from the frontline of managing COVID-19 in care homes (10 June 2020)
By Anita Astle MBE, Managing Director, Wren Hall Nursing Home, Nottingham

Supporting better lives for people: how can health and care work together (10 June 2020)
By Sally Warren, Director of Policy, the King's Fund

What trends are we seeing in child safeguarding practice during the COVID-19 crisis? (10 June 2020)
By Karen Manners, Interim Chair of the Independent Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel

Innovation in care homes at a time of crisis (09 June 2020)
By Amy Simpkins, Communications Officer and Pamela Holmes, Care Home FaNs, both at My Home Life England

Together we can (08 June 2020)
By Neil Crowther, Crowther Consulting and Social Care Future

The fierce urgency of now: Tackling racial inequalities in social care (05 June 2020)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Has the COVID-19 pandemic inspired you to think about volunteering? (03 June 2020)
By Andy Forster, Programme Manager at TimeBank, the volunteering charity

Making bricks with straw. Integrating social care and health (01 June 2020)
By David Pearson CBE, Social Care lead in the NHS for COVID-19. Chair of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System

Using standards to make care safer and more personalised (29 May 2020)
By Professor Maureen Baker CBE, Chair, Professional Record Standards Body

Rebuilding communities and rebuilding social care are deeply linked challenges (26 May 2020)
By Alex Fox OBE, Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus and Trustee at the Social Care Institute for Excellence

What we should learn from COVID-19; and what social care ought to be like in the future (21 May 2020)
By Ossie Stuart, SCIE trustee and equality and diversity consultant

Tips on being kind at work during the lockdown (21 May 2020)
By Michaela Gray, SCIE's Corporate Governance and HR Officer

Running a local authority therapeutic social work team during COVID-19 (19 May 2020)
By Katie Wrench, social worker and art psychotherapist

Powerful stories: Can they be the catalyst for reform? (19 May 2020)
By Janet Sillett, Head of Briefings, Local Government Information Unit / LGIU

Charting a post-COVID-19 future for social care (14 May 2020)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Life during lockdown for young people in Doncaster (12 May 2020)
By Kanisha and Jordan, Young Advisors at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust

Children's services: What crises have taught us (11 May 2020)
By James Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Doncaster Children's Services Trust

Ready to shield since January. COVID-19 and asthma (06 May 2020)
By Aaron Foulds, Asthma UK volunteer

From care markets to care systems (05 May 2020)
By Alex Khaldi, Consultant and Interim at Think.Do.Consulting

Care home manager: News from the frontline (04 May 2020)
By Sarah Mitchell, Manager, Bridge House care home, West Yorkshire

In recognition of how COVID-19 is affecting the death rituals for people in Northern Ireland (27 April 2020)
By Dr Denise Turner (London Metropolitan University) and Dr Amanda M L Taylor-Beswick (Queens University Belfast)

COVID-19 and older people with combined sight and hearing loss - working with older people, 70-years plus (23 April 2020)
By Bernard Quinn, Director, Hi-VisUK

The analogue generation is isolating but they don't have to be lonely (20 April 2020)
By Harriet Gridley, KOMP

Walking through the COVID-19 landscape (16 April 2020)
By Lorraine Currie, MCA and DoLS Manager at Shropshire Council and carer

Leadership in a time of pandemic (15 April 2020)
By Kim Carey, Director of Adult Services, London Borough of Bromley

Social Care and COVID-19: Kathryn Smith (09 April 2020)
By Kathryn Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Alzheimers Society and incoming SCIE Chief Executive

At times of crisis, heroes emerge (06 April 2020)
By Steve Palmer, SCIE Communications Manager and parent carer

The power of stories in our Covid-19 world (05 April 2020)
By Ryan Wise, Practice Development Manager, SCIE

How to support people with long-term health conditions living in their own homes self-isolating (01 April 2020)
By John Evans OBE, disability rights, equalities and diversity consultant and trainer and former SCIE trustee

Sharing lives and self-isolating (29 March 2020)
By Alex Fox OBE, Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus and Trustee at the Social Care Institute for Excellence

COVID-19: using digital technology in relationship-based practice to bridge the gap in social distancing (26 March 2020)
By Dr Godfred Boahen, Policy and Research Officer, British Association of Social Workers

What is worrying social care providers and their staff (24 March 2020)
By Melanie Weatherley MBE, Chair, Lincolnshire Care Association

Covid-19 and adult social workers (24 March 2020)
By Rob Mitchell, Principal Social Worker at Bradford Council and Elaine James, Service Manager for commissioning for learning disabilities at Bradford Council

Covid-19: An older person caring for a younger family member (22 March 2020)
By Dame Philippa Russell, Vice-President, Carers UK - and carer for her son Simon

What should I do if all my PAs suddenly had to self-isolate? (22 March 2020)
By Ossie Stuart, SCIE trustee & equality and diversity consultant

Love, social care, co-production (16 March 2020)
By Ryan Wise, Practice Development Manager, SCIE

Reducing parental conflict (10 February 2020)
By Patrick Myers

Taking self-directed support back to its roots (17 January 2020)
By Anna Severwright and Martin Walker

The idea of the asset-based area (ABA) (16 January 2020)
By Alex Fox and Clenton Farquharson

Preventing winter deaths and illnesses associated with cold homes (16 January 2020)
By Martin Hodges, Health and Housing Research Associate, Care & Repair England

SCIE’s new year plan: Growing innovative practice across the sector (13 January 2020)
By Ryan Wise, Practice Development Manager, SCIE

Ensuring a positive experience of diagnosis for young people with autism (16 December 2019)
By Andrew Powell, Senior Practitioner, Bristol Autism Spectrum Service

Supporting young people with violent and aggressive behaviours (03 December 2019)
By Victoria Manlow, Semi-independent Living Placement Manager, Look Ahead

Strengths-based social care in Leeds (26 November 2019)
By Julie Bootle – Head of Community Social Work and Health Partnerships

Giving medicines covertly – the main challenges for providers (13 November 2019)
By Cathy Cooke, Social care and secure environments medicines management consultant

Developing social workers’ digital capabilities (15 October 2019)
By Denise Turner, Senior Lecturer in the Social Work department at London Metropolitan University

Launch of Co-production Oxfordshire’s Working Together Handbook (14 October 2019)
By Danie Woodbridge, Co-production Lead, Oxfordshire County Council

How digital technology can improve social work - a young person’s perspective (10 September 2019)
By Jordan Wosik Modern Apprentice, Doncaster Children’s Services Trust

Co-production and Advocacy (16 August 2019)
By A provocation and call to action, By Pete Fleischmann

Person-centred care and strengths-based approaches: Addressing the gap between rhetoric and reality (12 August 2019)
By Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive of National Voices

There is a crisis in care, but there are glimmers of hope (08 July 2019)
By Paul Burstow, Chair of SCIE

Take a break! (13 June 2019)
By Isaac Samuels, Carers' Breaks reference group member

Working together over safeguarding (04 June 2019)
By Betty Du. Safeguarding Strategy Lead, Practice Development Team, the Office of the Public Guardian

Reducing delays and improving outcomes for people (31 May 2019)
By Ric Whalley. Director, Newton

“Growing up”: Reviewing our approach to transitions to adulthood (28 May 2019)
By Sam Royston. Director of Policy and Research at The Children’s Society

Relationships: From the bottom up to the top down (21 May 2019)
By Ryan Wise, Practice Development Manager, SCIE

Why we should all have an advance care plan (20 May 2019)
By Rachel Shortt. Registered Manager,The Garth Nursing and Residential Home

My son had anorexia. Martin's story (20 May 2019)
By Martin Farran, Director of adult services, Liverpool City Council

Co-production: Shaping the future in Kirklees (13 May 2019)
By Amanda Evans - Service Director for Adult Social Care Operations

“Just one thing after another”: Living with multiple conditions (26 April 2019)
By Eve Riley, Programme Manager, Taskforce on Multiple Conditions

Building an online hub for peer support (27 March 2019)
By Laura Bell, Communications and Engagement Officer, National Voices

From 'bed sores' to pressure ulcers (18 March 2019)
By Belinda Black, CEO of Sheffcare

Cafe Society: A fresh approach (12 March 2019)
By Alex Hoskyn, founder of the Chatty Café Scheme

The third annual Mental Capacity Action Day (06 March 2019)
By Emma Tante, Anthony Gold Solicitors

Dementia: Discussing and planning support for your loved one (12 February 2019)
By Maggie Murdoch, Carers Programme Facilitator, Greater Manchester

The important role technology plays in our wellbeing (18 December 2018)
By Karen Dolva, CEO and Co-Founder of No Isolation

Co-production isn’t just for Christmas (17 December 2018)
By Tony Hunter, SCIE Chief Executive

Operating in an increasingly complex environment: A clear focus on Place (04 December 2018)
By Rob Walsh, Chief Executive North East Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Getting the person at the centre of the process (27 November 2018)
By Kath Sutherland, FRSA. Founder of START Ability Services and Member of SCIE’s Co-production Steering Group

Staying close and staying connected in East Anglia (13 November 2018)
By Rachel Leslie, Project Implementation Manager, Break - Changing Young Lives

Supporting children and young people after abuse and neglect (24 October 2018)
By Corinne May-Chahal and Hannah Roscoe

The importance of effective medicines recording as part of a home care service (15 October 2018)
By Keith Lowe; Consultant, NICE Quality Standards committee member and former regulator

People-powered services in Oxfordshire (02 October 2018)
By Kate Pieroudis, SCIE Co-Production Development Manager

The Wigan Deal, children’s social care and importing and exporting innovation (19 September 2018)
By Mike Rees: Lead, Greater Manchester Children’s Social Care Innovation Spreading and Scaling Programme

East Sussex: Connecting practice leading to transformative relationships and great outcomes (19 September 2018)
By Stuart Gallimore, Director of Children's Services, East Sussex County Council

Strength-based children's social care in Stockport (19 September 2018)
By Deborah Woodcock, Director of Operations-Stockport Family and Principal Social Worker

Strength-based approaches for children's and adults' services (19 September 2018)
By Alex Fox OBE, chief executive of Shared Lives Plus and SCIE trustee

Strength-based children's social care in Bradford (19 September 2018)
By Jim Hopkinson, Deputy Director (Children's Social Care), City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Walsall: Restorative Practice - a common-sense approach (19 September 2018)
By Isabel Vanderheeren, Transformation Lead, Children’s Services Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Strength-based approaches in children's social care in Australia (19 September 2018)
By Vita Maiorano, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

Using playful objects for people with advanced dementia (30 August 2018)
By Professor Cathy Treadaway, Cardiff School of Art and Design

How co-operative approaches can flourish (26 July 2018)
By James Wright, Policy Officer, Co-operatives UK (The organisation works to promote, develop and unite member-owned businesses)

Multi-Disciplinary Working – three years on (26 July 2018)
By Phil Wrigley, Integrated Care Commissioning Manager, NHS Islington Clinical Commissioning Group

Making a difference with integrated care (26 July 2018)
By Lesley Jeavons, Director of Integration, Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group

A positive future for wellbeing in York – turning the tanker of health and social care (20 July 2018)
By Corporate Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care, City of York Council

The importance of first line managers in social work, and the challenges they face (20 July 2018)
By Anna Field, Firstline Programme Officer, Frontline

Is the welfare of children being undermined by varying thresholds for social care? (11 July 2018)
By Tim Loughton MP, former Children’s Minister and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children

Asset-based place: just do it! (19 June 2018)
By Donna Hall, Chief Executive, Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

The 100-year life: the importance of housing (19 June 2018)
By Sue Adams, CEO of Care and Repair England

The 100 Year Life – A family carer’s perspective (14 June 2018)
By Dame Philippa Russell, Vice-President, Carers UK

Why evidence matters in ending homelessness (30 May 2018)
By Francesca Albanese, Head of Research and Evaluation at Crisis

Integration and innovation and health and care (24 May 2018)
By SCIE's Ewan King, director of business development and delivery

Pioneering new approaches to generating and sharing evidence in children’s social care (04 May 2018)
By Ewan King, SCIE's director of business development and delivery

A new direction for care in Wales (13 April 2018)
By Professor Keith Moultrie, Director of the Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University

Asset based approaches – local challenges and areas for improvement (13 April 2018)
By Lynne Bowers, health and care worker and advocate

Exciting times ahead for children's social care (12 April 2018)
By Ryan Wise, Advanced Social Work Practitioner, London Borough of Newham

Knowing me, knowing me. Synergy - A fresh look at behaviours of concern (12 April 2018)
By Richard Mills, AT-Autism and the Centre for Applied Autism Research, the University of Bath

Creating strong communities using innovation (10 April 2018)
By Steve Kay, Director of Children’s Services at North East Lincolnshire Council

The state will help, but we all need to prepare for funding our future social care needs (06 April 2018)
By Deborah Rozansky, SCIE Associate

The importance of pizza and co-production (05 April 2018)
By Lucy Milich, SCIE children’s practice development manager

The seven key principles of social care reform (28 March 2018)
By Simon Morioka, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, PPL

The importance of infection prevention in care homes (20 February 2018)
By Joanne Balmer, Senior Director of Care and Quality, Sunrise Senior Living

Innovation: scaling is in the air (13 February 2018)
By Janet Grauberg, Organisational Strategy and Learning Consultant

Delayed transfers of care (12 February 2018)
By Ric Whalley, Associate Director, Newton

Lessons from new models of care / Vanguards (09 February 2018)
By Jane Harris, Senior Consultant, Cordis Bright consultancy, advice and research

What’s the link between military intelligence and Learning Together reviews? (09 February 2018)
By Sarah Peel, SCIE's Deputy Head of Learning Together

Great dementia care - Getting to Know Me! (09 February 2018)
By Caroline Baker, Director of Dementia Care, Barchester Healthcare

Innovation: what about our customer’s WHY? (29 January 2018)
By Sara McKee, Evermore Founder & Director of Market Innovation

What the dancing carrots tell us about isolation and loneliness (24 January 2018)
By Margaret Willcox. President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and Director of Adult Social Care, Gloucestershire County Council

'Nobody to do nothing with.' Combating loneliness (24 January 2018)
By Dame Esther Rantzen DBE, Founder of Silver Line and Broadcaster

Why can’t they just join in? Isolation and people ageing without children (24 January 2018)
By Kirsty Woodard, Founder, Ageing without Children

From red bag to green paper: innovation in adult social care (10 January 2018)
By Simon Bottery, Senior Fellow, Social Care, the King’s Fund

Thinking big but starting small with a slow fix (10 January 2018)
By Samantha Clark, chief executive of the Local Area Coordination Network

Planning medicines support (10 January 2018)
By Simon Hill, regional medicines manager, Care Quality Commission

Abuse: we must find the hidden victims (10 January 2018)
By Steph Palmerone, Managing Director of Waymarks, a learning disability charity

Teach a man to fish...Sustainable whole system transformation in Thurrock (21 December 2017)
By Les Billingham, head of adult services at Thurrock Council

Strength-based practice in Lincolnshire (20 December 2017)
By Glen Garrod, executive director of adult care and community wellbeing at Lincolnshire County Council

How was intermediate care for my sister? (18 December 2017)
By Toni Foers, carer

Putting the ‘I’ back into multi-disciplinary teams (13 December 2017)
By Dr Robin Miller, deputy director of the Health Services Management Centre

Home to Decide! How Brenda benefitted (28 November 2017)
By Ann Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Hilton Nursing Partners

Hertfordshire’s Integration Framework (21 November 2017)
By Edward Knowles – Assistant Director, Health Integration (West Hertfordshire)

Expert working group: looked after children and mental health / wellbeing (06 November 2017)
By Kevin Williams, CEO, The Fostering Network

Looked after children and mental wellbeing. The role of co-production (05 November 2017)
By Chloe from SCIE's expert working group

What makes life worth living? Co-producing outcomes for the Named Social Worker project (03 November 2017)
By Linda Jackson, SCIE Associate

It's the quality of conversations that matter to social care reform (31 October 2017)
By Martin Farran, Corporate Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care, City of York Council

On a journey towards better integrated health and social care (30 October 2017)
By Ewan King, SCIE director of business development and delivery

"The care system failed to look after me well enough" (27 October 2017)
By A care leaver's personal experience

Why think delirium? (18 October 2017)
By Sharon Blackburn CBE, policy and communications director, National Care Forum

How to embed an innovative way to protect children (17 October 2017)
By Nasima Patel

How much do we know about the achievement of personalisation across health and social care services? (11 October 2017)
By Don Redding, Director of Policy at National Voices: the coalition of 160 charities that stands for people being in control of their health and care

Innovation in children's services (11 October 2017)
By Richard Selwyn, Former assistant director commissioning at Suffolk County Council

Adult safeguarding. SCIE's new 'highlights' report (06 October 2017)
By Hugh Constant, SCIE Practice Development Manager

Helping communities and neighbourhoods blossom (25 September 2017)
By Mick Ward, Deputy Director, Integrated Commissioning, Adults and Health, Leeds City Council and Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups

There are challenges to creating ‘asset-based areas’ (11 September 2017)
By Mike Wright, Deputy Chief Executive, KeyRing (Service provider)

Community doesn't have to be squeezed by bureaucracy (01 August 2017)
By Alex Smith, Founder / CEO North London Cares and South London Cares

Throwing off the lanyards. Liverpool Intermediate care (28 July 2017)
By Dyane Aspinall, Director Adult Social Care and Health (interim), Liverpool City Council

Offering solutions for a system at ‘tipping point’ (27 July 2017)
By Paul Burstow, announced today as SCIE’s new chair

Unlocking community assets for better health and wellbeing (26 July 2017)
By James Sanderson, NHS England’s Director of Personalisation and Choice

Integration in North East Lincolnshire (25 July 2017)
By Rob Walsh, Chief Executive of North East Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

“I am not a number.” Keeping local co-production personal (18 July 2017)
By Jillian Martin, Office of Social Services, Department of Health Northern Ireland

Barnet: moving from 'superhero' mode to asset-based thinking (18 July 2017)
By Mathew Kendall, Adults and Communities Director, London Borough of Barnet

Making the most of our neighbourhoods in Oldham (17 July 2017)
By Karyn Kirkpatrick, CEO KeyRing

Taking an asset-based approach to health and care in Greater Manchester (17 July 2017)
By Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Community navigators in Cambridgeshire (17 July 2017)
By Sunny Singh, Strategic Development Manager, Practice & Safeguarding, Cambridgeshire County Council

Social prescribing can be life-changing - Herts Valley (17 July 2017)
By Tim Anfilogoff, Head of Community Resilience, Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group

Local Area Coordination – partnerships in many guises in York (17 July 2017)
By the York team and the Local Area Coordination Network (CEO Samantha Clark)

Co-production 'pokes the bear' in Northern Ireland (17 July 2017)
By Deirdre McCloskey, Project Coordinator, Mid and East Antrim Agewell Partnership

York has the potential to become a truly asset-based place (17 July 2017)
By Martin Farran, Corporate Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care, City of York Council

How to keep your amazing staff and turn around the doubters (06 July 2017)
By Christine Edwards-Daem, CEO-Kent Autistic Trust

We need to start with people, not organisations (04 July 2017)
By Ewan King, SCIE’s director of business development and delivery

Constructive conversations: real and meaningful engagement with citizens (31 May 2017)
By Lord Victor Adebowale and Dr Henry Kippin, Chairman and Chief Executive of Collaborate CIC, a social consultancy

Care and integration: our journey to the Doncaster vision (22 May 2017)
By Jackie Pederson, Chief Officer, Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group

Reducing delayed transfers of care in Haringey (17 May 2017)
By John Everson, Assistant Director, Adult Social Services, Haringey Council

My data, my care (11 May 2017)
By Vic Rayner, Executive Director, National Care Forum

The total transformation of care and support (08 May 2017)
By Ewan King, SCIE director of business development and delivery

Delayed transfers of care: not to be tackled in isolation (04 May 2017)
By Richard Humphries, Senior Fellow, Policy, the King's Fund

Integration and the Better Care Fund: news from West Sussex (25 April 2017)
By Rachel-Louise Hughes, coordinator, West Sussex Better Care Fund

Hospital discharges: tackling the issue in Wigan (19 April 2017)
By Rebecca Murphy, Healthier Wigan Partnership Director

Integrating health and social care – the blend of the best (31 March 2017)
By David Pearson CBE, Corporate Director, Adult Social Care Health and Public Protection and Deputy Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire County Council

Homecare: A different approach (15 March 2017)
By Sian Lockwood, CEO of Community Catalysts

A Five Year Forward View for social care (13 March 2017)
By Toby Irving, senior consultant at SCIE partners PPL

Improving health and wellbeing: different and unique relationships (09 March 2017)
By Brian Goodwin, Community Services Manager on behalf of the Community Agents Essex

Tackling isolation: outdoor activities and volunteering need to be central to ‘place-based’ health approaches (07 March 2017)
By Alex Kenmure, Head of Business Development, GoodGym

Learning difficulties: living a good independent life (24 February 2017)
By Cecilia Mercer, SCIE Co-production Support Assistant

Reimagining home care (06 February 2017)
By Helen Sanderson, CEO of Helen Sanderson Associates

Reducing admissions to hospital through Warm at Home scheme (03 February 2017)
By Jan Gilbertson, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at the University of Sheffield Hallam

Looked after children and mental health. Making things happen, not creating a dust-gathering policy document. (10 January 2017)
By Alison O’Sullivan, co-chair expert group mental health children in care.

Child sexual exploitation: Everyone can help address it (06 January 2017)
By Sheila Taylor, Chief Executive, NWG Network

The gift of friendship is the most precious to those facing Christmas alone (19 December 2016)
By Hannah Gurney, Friends of the Elderly

Charming and persistent organisation seeks similar relationship (16 December 2016)
By David Archibald, SCIE trustee

Why I think everyone should do deafblind training (16 December 2016)
By Jo Virgo, occupational therapist for adult social care.

Health and wellbeing. Ten actions to put people and communities at the heart of the action (15 December 2016)
By Suzanne Wood, Improvement Fellow, The Health Foundation

Citizens Advice - Care Provider (28 November 2016)
By Claire Driffield, Health and Care Lead at National Citizens Advice

Community enterprises – building capacity in Worcestershire (24 November 2016)
By Sian Lockwood, Community Catalysts

Social prescribing: Making it a reality for everyone (24 November 2016)
By Kate Langford, Programme Lead: Health and Social Care, Innovation Unit

Personalisation: Art for everyone’s sake (22 November 2016)
By Vic Rayner, Executive Director, National Care Forum

Child neglect. Working together to tackle it (22 November 2016)
By Lucy Milich, SCIE Children’s Practice Development Manager

Female genital mutilation – a multi-agency response (21 November 2016)
By Inspector Allen Davis – Project Azure / Metropolitan Police Service

To find good employees, service users need to be involved in recruitment and training (18 November 2016)
By Ewan King, SCIE's director of business development and delivery

Recruitment: Radical solutions to the ageing ‘care crisis’ (17 November 2016)
By John Craig, Chief Executive, Care City

Looking to communities to support wellbeing (10 November 2016)
By Total transformation of care blog by Mark Swift, founder of Wellbeing Enterprises.

Personalisation in residential care: Beyond the Obvious (10 November 2016)
By Rich Watts, integrated personal commissioning advisor

Local area co-ordination: supporting transformation in Derby (10 November 2016)
By Total transformation of care blog by Brian Frisby, Service Director – Delivering Differently, People Services Directorate, Derby City Council

Social worker as relationship builder (03 November 2016)
By Lizzie Insall, Programme Lead (Local Public Services), Innovation Unit & Carmen Colomina, Practice Development Manager, SCIE

The red and white striped cane. Why being deafblind is a complex disability (03 November 2016)
By Helena Little, freelance consultant and deafblind assessor

Loneliness – how the smallest intervention can transform people’s lives (02 November 2016)
By Mike Adamson, Chief Executive, British Red Cross

Managing demand in health and social care through the Wigan Deal (01 November 2016)
By Donna Hall, CBE, Chief Executive Wigan Council

How our service went from a rating of inadequate to good (31 October 2016)
By Steve Allen, Chief Executive of Friends of the Elderly

How better information and technology can support social work (26 October 2016)
By Mark Nicholas, Strategic Account Manager, Social Care, NHS Digital

Will care home improvement plans work? (24 October 2016)
By SCIE’s Ewan King, director of business development and delivery

Building the social care workforce of the future in East London (14 October 2016)
By Corporate Partnerships Manager, Jasmine Morris; Bromley by Bow Centre

Person centred approaches to dementia care (12 October 2016)
By Pamela Holmes, SCIE Practice Development Manager

Unconscious bias isn't just somebody else's problem; it’s also yours (03 October 2016)
By Ossie Stuart, SCIE trustee & equality and diversity consultant

How working together can save money for the NHS each year and improve quality of life for patients (22 September 2016)
By Michelle Turton, Housing Needs Manager Mansfield District Council

Mental Health: From being under pressure to developing new models of care (21 September 2016)
By Rachael Byrne, Executive Director of Care & Support at Home Group

Co-production: The way forward (14 September 2016)
By Pete Fleischmann, SCIE's Head of Co-Production

Admission impossible? Understanding and reducing the emergency hospital admissions of older people (08 September 2016)
By Jon Glasby and Rosemary Littlechild - University of Birmingham

The importance of carers knowing likes and dislikes: Person-centred dementia care. (17 August 2016)
By Pamela Holmes, SCIE practice development manager

SCIE receives Investors in People Silver award in recognition of ‘remarkable’ progress (05 August 2016)
By SCIE’s chair, Lord Michael Bichard

Could Constructive Conversations make the tough year ahead for the NHS a little easier? (03 August 2016)
By Ewan King, Director of business development and delivery, SCIE

Dual sensory loss: The importance of early specialist assessment (25 July 2016)
By Bernard Quinn, Director of Development, In Good Hands

Older people and long-term conditions. Implementing the NICE guidelines (22 July 2016)
By Pauline Shaw, Director of Care & Service Development, The Royal Star & Garter Homes.

How I see co-production (21 July 2016)
By Alex Fox, CEO of Shared Lives Plus and SCIE trustee

Getting it right together. Mental health and wellbeing for people living with mental distress. (01 July 2016)
By Alison Faulkner, Independent Service User Consultant.

My vision for child and family social work (28 June 2016)
By Isabelle Trowler, Chief Social Worker for England (Children & Families)

How to inspire credible positive ideas in care homes (28 June 2016)
By Care home owner George Coxon on the Devon Care Kite Mark

'We're not carers but we care' - Call and Check scheme (27 June 2016)
By Natasha Andrews, Research Analyst

Improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of looked-after children: Can you help make a difference? (21 June 2016)
By Alison O'Sullivan, Co-chair of the looked-after children and mental health expert group

Books can make us better...the role of bibliotherapy in prevention (20 June 2016)
By Jennifer Collieson, SCIE's Senior Information Specialist and Prevention Lead

Carers Week and the importance of research (06 June 2016)
By Jenny Collieson, SCIE's Senior Information Specialist & Prevention Library Project Lead

Child protection reviews in Scotland (02 June 2016)
By Sarah Peel, SCIE's Deputy Head of Learning Together

Better understanding of home adaptations can help improve later life (10 May 2016)
By Dr Anna Dixon, Chief Executive, the Centre for Ageing Better

‘Not the obvious pub discussion’. Practical support – planning for end of life care (09 May 2016)
By Pamela Holmes, SCIE Practice Development Manager

Co-production Week in July: because we’re not puppets on a string (15 April 2016)
By SCIE's Michael Turner, Co-production support manager

Adult social workers are using the assets within communities to improve lives (04 April 2016)
By Lyn Romeo, chief social worker for adults at the Department of Health

Dementia through the eyes of women (31 March 2016)
By Nada Savitch, Director, Innovations in Dementia

Integration health and social care in Hertfordshire (30 March 2016)
By Iain Macbeath, Director of Health and Community Services, Hertfordshire County Council

Getting 'the call' (29 March 2016)
By SCIE’s Information Specialist Sue Jardine, whose mother has dementia

Supporting children and young people with life shortening conditions - & their families (18 March 2016)
By Terry Moran, chair of ‘Together for Short Lives and SCIE trustee

Why I jumped at the chance of joining a guideline committee (18 March 2016)
By Kathie Drinan, independent paediatric physiotherapist at Therapy for Children UK

Why I believe that digital arts are vital for people who use services (16 March 2016)
By Lord Michael Bichard, SCIE chair

What kind of workforce do we need for 21st Century social care? (17 February 2016)
By Catherine Needham, University of Birmingham (Health Services Management Centre Reader in Public Policy and Public Management)

A look at young people's services (15 February 2016)
By Alison O’Sullivan. President, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS)

Post-diagnostic dementia care (15 February 2016)
By Alistair Burns, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Manchester and National Clinical Director for Dementia, NHS England.

The Care Act can seem overly complex – but you can make it simpler (10 February 2016)
By SCIE's Ewan King, director of business development and delivery

Leadership, co-production and a Henry Wordsworth Longfellow poem (04 January 2016)
By Tina Coldham, SCIE trustee and chair of SCIE’s Co-Production Network and Michael Turner, SCIE Co-production Support Manager

Frank’s journey: How a new guideline can help staff improve experience of transfer of care from home to hospital to home (09 December 2015)
By Dr Olivier Gaillemin, Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Social care support for refugees and asylum seekers (08 December 2015)
By SCIE’s Isabel Quilter with advice for care staff on supporting refugees and asylum seekers

A matter of interpretation (25 November 2015)
By Alison Seabrooke, Chief Executive of the Community Development Foundation

Carers Rights Day (20 November 2015)
By SCIE's chief executive, Tony Hunter

Co-production – the missing link in integration (18 November 2015)
By Rob Greig, chief executive, the National Development Team for Inclusion

Blog from an outstanding provider (09 November 2015)
By Dan Gower-Smith, Regional Manager, Avenues South East Services

My time on the social care frontline; and at SCIE (28 October 2015)
By Dave Probert, personal assistant to SCIE directors

Because personalisation isn't easy... (21 October 2015)

Why the offside rule is important to the 89-year-old I support: my life as a home care worker (15 October 2015)

Integration: it’s really happening, and in a place near you (07 October 2015)

Realising the value: what matters most to people? (22 September 2015)

Building community capacity (17 September 2015)
By Caroline Speirs, Think Local Act Personal

Dementia peer support: It’s all about tea parties and 'social return on investment' methodology (17 September 2015)

Is health and care transformation possible? And, if so, what is needed to make this happen? (14 September 2015)

Nursing assistants: Giving responsibility to care staff and providing a better service to care home residents (11 September 2015)

Thank you for the music: the role that singing can play in supporting someone with dementia (24 August 2015)

Rising to the Challenge: Good planning and co-production has helped us respond to the demands of the Care Act (11 August 2015)

Why growing up in a pub has prepared me for working in integrated health and social care (11 August 2015)

ABCD - Asset Based Community Development (Leeds) (10 August 2015)
By Mick Ward, Head of Commissioning, Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council

Growing up and finding work as a person with a learning disability (06 August 2015)

How to improve legal literacy in social care (03 August 2015)

Co-researching Micro Enterprises (08 July 2015)

Carmen and the Care Act (03 July 2015)

The ‘seeds of empowerment’ (15 June 2015)

Social care, working with health, can provide many of the solutions to the challenges we face (11 June 2015)

The making of the film ‘Dementia from the inside’ (09 June 2015)

Looking forward to Care Home Open Day 2015 (01 June 2015)

How do we create vibrant care and support markets? Through creativity and a strong focus on outcomes (01 June 2015)

Direct payments in residential care (14 April 2015)

Pooled budgets can lead to better care and support, but only if we build them around the needs of people who use services (27 March 2015)

Why social care is like a Jackson Pollock painting (23 March 2015)

Making meetings accessible for people with learning difficulties (easy read) (19 March 2015)

New Belongings - A tale of hope? (06 March 2015)

The prevention pie. Why a café is being innovative using prevention work (02 March 2015)

Why three footballers shook up equality, diversity and human rights (12 January 2015)
By Clenton Farquharson MBE

Why three footballers shook up equality, diversity and human rights (12 January 2015)

Liberate your mind – and service-users (17 November 2014)

Getting the most out of your social work college time (05 November 2014)

Co-production: What it means (easy-read) (20 October 2014)

Helping older people with high support needs to achieve a better life (14 July 2014)

Co-production: A handy bit of jargon? (22 May 2014)

Mental Health Awareness Week (14 May 2014)

World Social Work Day (14 March 2014)

Equality – what’s it all about? (27 January 2014)

Equality – what’s it all about? (10 January 2014)
By SCIE's Michael Turner

My first week as Chief Executive (10 January 2014)

NHS Change Day 2014; why social care should get involved (07 January 2014)

GP services for older people: a guide for care home managers (05 December 2013)

One page profiles: a revelation (12 November 2013)

Co-production – how I worried about doing it differently (22 October 2013)

Integration doesn't have to be daunting - use our new virtual planner (17 October 2013)

A letter from SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe, to SCIE's next Chief Executive, Tony Hunter (01 October 2013)

Why 'dying well at home' is a health and social care issue (31 July 2013)

I tweeted that SCIE have great resources - and here’s why (17 June 2013)

In Carers Week I’m resisting the term'older parent' (10 June 2013)

Credit where credit's due - Universal Credit and co-production (28 May 2013)

Good Care Week and what can be done at a time of reduced resources - SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard (23 April 2013)

My first year - Andrea Sutcliffe (08 April 2013)

The Francis Report - what I did in 1983 is just as important today - Andrea Sutcliffe (27 March 2013)

Allan Bowman’s advice to the next SCIE Chair (25 March 2013)

Help make history - Care leavers - SCIE needs your stories (26 February 2013)

Remembering Adrian - Andrea Sutcliffe (22 January 2013)

New year in Newham - Andrea Sutcliffe (13 January 2013)

Chair's dreams come true - Allan Bowman (06 January 2013)

SCIE goes digital only - Dave Anderson (20 December 2012)

Help for councils over their new mental capacity responsibilities. Expert advice from SCIE’s Rachel Griffiths (26 November 2012)

We are all individuals with histories, loves and concerns and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect (23 July 2012)

Can my staff sign consent forms for medical treatment, on behalf of service users? (08 February 2012)

End of life care (30 November 2011)

Ten years of SCIE (14 November 2011)

Mental health and employment in the social care sector - Pete Fleischmann (10 October 2011)

Providing the right support for parents with mental health problems - Amanda Edwards (12 September 2011)

Social care and health integration – the service user perspective - Lisa Bostock (03 August 2011)

Adult safeguarding – the latest - Elaine Cass (24 May 2011)

'Dementia creeps up on you. When you are a carer there's no training, pension, sick pay or holidays' - Caroline Ogden (04 May 2011)

'I felt respected and accepted for who I was in relation to Michael' - Roger Newman (15 April 2011)

All things being equal - Michael Turner (05 April 2011)

Social work - Hugh Constant (25 March 2011)

Karen's story - Peterborough social worker and SCIE fan - Karen Burrell (15 March 2011)

Introducing social work month - Patricia Kearney (01 March 2011)

Personalisation: what we know now - Robert Templeton (25 February 2011)

Keep personal budgets personal - Sarah Carr (17 February 2011)

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