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Systematic Narrative Review

Published by Ulster University, May 2017

This Systematic Narrative Review was conducted to ascertain the contribution of professional regulation on the Health and Social Care Workforce.

Initial scoping of the existing evidence base including Cochrane and Campbell Systematic Reviews indicated a paucity of empirical research regarding professional regulation. Grey literature available emphasised the importance of evaluating and rethinking regulation in the current changing service and workforce landscape. Given the integrated Health and Social Care system in Northern Ireland (NI) and potential to learn internationally from other professional groups, the review question was constructed to encompass the Health and Social Care Workforce.

The review question is particularly important given the context of service reform in NI and on a worldwide basis. The introduction of skill mix, extended roles and responsibilities requires an associated shift in regulatory practice.

This Systematic Narrative Review is intended to inform an on-going evaluation of the impact, value and effectiveness of professional regulation in Social Care, being conducted by the Office of Social Services (OSS,Northern Ireland), NISCC and Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE), to support regulatory development and improvement.