Improving personalisation in care homes - Care home action plan

This care home action plan is for managers and owners of care homes for older people. It will help you to:

It has been designed to also be used for wider groups of people including those with complex conditions. Care home managers will be able to use the tool to support good conversations with residents and staff, and identify the improvements that will make the most difference to people’s quality of life.

Personalisation means building services and support around people so they can lead fulfilling lives. Towards the end of people’s lives, personalised care and support helps ensure people spend their time in ways that matter to them and with the people they want to share time with.

Because the focus of personalisation has been on supporting people in community settings, not enough has been done to support people who are working to make personalisation happen in care homes.

We recognise that care homes are an important and valuable part of the care economy and that much great work is going on to interpret what personalisation means to people living in homes.

This care home action plan will help you explore what personalisation means for care homes and more importantly help you have conversations together about where you are now and what you could do to improve things.

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