Care home action plan

Improving personalisation in care homes

This care home action plan is for managers and owners of care homes for older people. It will help you to:

It has been designed to also be used for wider groups of people including those with complex conditions. Care home managers will be able to use the tool to support good conversations with residents and staff, and identify the improvements that will make the most difference to people’s quality of life.

This care home action plan will help you explore what personalisation means for care homes and more importantly help you have conversations together about where you are now and what you could do to improve things.

As a strategic commissioner for an older population, I am always looking to identify person centred tools for providers. This toolkit gives a real life, accessible way for us to think about how care homes can improve how they care and support the community who live there. It provides a positive, meaningful and accessible tool to measure the quality of care.

Di Manning, Head of Commissioning (Adult Social Care and Provider Management), Serving Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

We’ve learned from our work with the Enhanced Health in Care Homes vanguards that personalised approaches are critical to delivering high quality support for people living in care homes. This tool is great for commissioners and care home managers interested in embedding person centred care. Commissioners should be looking to use it to assist their discussions with local care homes and support the move to making personalised approaches business as usual in the sector.

Emily Wighton, Senior Manager (Enhanced Health in Care Homes), NHS England