Summary report of feedback from people using SCIE’s action planning tool for care homes

In June 2017, SCIE launched a new online suite of resources designed to help care homes better engage with the personalisation agenda. The launch was timed to coincide with National Care Homes Open Day.

The resource included a new self-assessment and planning tool for care home managers to help them reflect on their own or together with colleagues and residents on what simple improvements would make the most positive difference to the lives of residents in the homes they manage.

People were required to register on the SCIE website with basic contact details to use the resource.

In November 2017 the data from all those who had registered to use the resource was gathered and a second wave of work commenced to review and improve the reflection and planning tool and associated resources.

The review process, commissioned by SCIE was planned to take place in a number of discrete stages starting in late November/ December. SCIE commissioned the external consultant who designed the original planning tool and nicetree films who filmed material used in the tool itself to undertake the work.

The process was envisaged to take place in four stages to include:

This brief report summarises the learning from phase 1 (& part of 2) of the review