What is a one-page profile?

A one-page profile can help social care professionals provide better person-centred care and support. It is a simple summary of what is important to someone and how they want to be supported. On your profile you can record how you'd like people to help you, if and when you need care and support.

This resource will help you understand person-centred practice better by completing a one-page profile about yourself. It is for care practitioners and managers but people who uses support services and members of the public will also find it useful.

Who is this resource for?

If you work in a caring profession, the resource will help you create a one-page profile as a first step towards using these profiles in your work. Whether you are a manager or a frontline practitioner, you'll benefit from having a one-page profile and understanding how they work.

If you are a person who uses support services, or if you are a member of the public, this resource is also for you. Create your own one-page profile to help the people around you understand how best to support you. Complete one-page profiles with your carers, family and friends to understand what's important to them (and help you support each other better).

Learning aims and professional development

This resource helps you learn how to complete one-page profiles. It contributes to your professional development by helping you build your skills and competence.

The Skills for Care 'Capable, Confident, Skilled' 2011 workforce development strategy includes skills relating to the implementation of personalisation.

How to use the resource

This resource has been created to raise awareness about one-page profiles and to guide you through the process for completing your own. By doing this, you will experience the process first-hand and learn how useful this tool can be in finding out about the people you work with – both colleagues and those you support.

The resource contains videos, templates, case examples and other supporting documents. When you need to watch a video or download a document, instructions will tell you what to do.

Completing the process with someone else is best achieved through dialogue, i.e. conversation. To help you understand how the dialogue works, you will see it modelled on video at each stage.

Why should I complete a one-page profile?

Completing a one-page profile yourself is a good way to learn about them. You will then be able to help other people to complete their own profiles. For more information on why you should complete a one-page profile take a look at the 'Q&As' tab.

Sharing your one-page profile

If you work for an organisation, ask your supervisor or manager for guidance on who to share your profile with. You might also like to discuss using one-page profiles in your learning and development programme.

If you are a member of the public, or someone who uses care services, share your information only with the people you trust. If you're not sure who to share with then ask a trusted carer, support worker, friend or family member for advice.

What shall I do with my profile?

When you've viewed all the information in the resource and created your one-page profile: