What is person-centred care?

This video clearly illustrates what person-centred care is about, emphasises the importance of choice and control and introduces the idea that person-centred care is relevant for all adults and older people using social care services - whatever their needs or setting. People with experience of personalised services explain the impact that person-centred care has had on their lives. The video also looks at what person-centred care will mean for social care workers.

Messages for practice

  1. Person-centred care is not just about personal budgets, but about achieving choice and control in many ways and in different settings, including basic needs such as being able to access public transport if you are disabled.
  2. Person-centred care is about the dignity and well-being of the individual.
  3. Delivering personalised services will mean different things to different people – it’s about self-determination and self-directed care.
  4. The relationship between social workers/PAs and service users should be based on respect and a recognition of equality.

Who will find this useful?

Commissioners; directors of adult social services; social workers; social care workers; service users, their carers and families; social care and social work students; the general public.