Independent advocacy under the Care Act 2014: e-learning course

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Group Name: Independent advocacy under the Care Act 2014: e-learning course | 05/17/2024
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Under the Care Act 2014 the role of the independent advocate is to support an individual or carer to understand information, express their needs and wishes, secure their rights, represent their interests and support them to obtain the care and support they need.

The Act requires local authorities to involve people in all decisions about their care and support. People should be active partners in the key processes of assessment, care and support planning, review and any enquiries in relation to abuse or neglect. This can mean appointing an independent advocate to support a person’s involvement if there isn’t an appropriate person, such as a friend or family member, to fulfil the role. Independent advocacy is also important during a safeguarding enquiry or Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR).