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Briefings and resources to support understanding of what it means to take a systems approach to SAR learning and system improvement

Tool F – A briefing for staff and agency leads on the use of a systems-based approach to learning in SARs

This downloadable briefing paper supports SABs and reviewers in raising awareness of a systems-based approach to learning in SARs. It can be used proactively to familiarise operational and strategic leads about why what it means to take a systems approach in SARs. When a SAB has decided to arrange for the conduct of a SAR, the document can also be used to brief operational and strategic staff who are going to be involved.

Two brief animations have been produced by individuals from Richmond and Wandsworth, Merton and Hounslow Safeguarding Adults Boards who have formed a community of practice (known as the South West London Systems Learning COP). These animations are designed for two key audiences of staff whose involvement will be key to the effectiveness of the SAR, to point to the advantages of systems learning and explain the staff members role within the SAR process.

Tool G – video for frontline practitioners

Tool H – video for strategic managers

The community of practice provides mutual aid around embedding a systems approach to learning in SAR activities locally. This development followed participation in SCIE’s Foundation Course training in the systems approach for SARs. The goal is to achieve reciprocal arrangements for providing SAR reviewers. Dr Sheila Fish (SCIE Associate) supports the group with methodological input.

The group had identified the need for additional resources to brief both staff and senior leads on what it means to take a systems approach to SARs. It is hoped that these will be used by SABs when they are preparing colleagues (both strategic manager and frontline practitioners ) ahead of commissioning a SAR.


This animation was made possible thanks to Sandie Cox, member of the South West London Systems Learning COP, who gave the group access to the Biteable software to create learning resources. Kingston Hospital’s Charitable Fund had afforded Sandie the opportunity for this innovation.