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Proportionate, creative, strategic commissioning of SARs 

Tool D – A briefing to support proactive, strategic commissioning for Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs)

This downloadable tool is a briefing paper that supports SABs in taking a grip of the precise focus and form of any SARs commissioned, to enable pro-active and creative commissioning. We hope it will support the commissioning of a wider range of SARs, and learning that is more relevant and useful because SABs better understand what the options available might be.

Tool E – Commissioning a systems-based approach to learning for your SARs

This downloadable briefing paper supports SABs to grow confidence about what it means to take a systems based approach to learning, and to use this in their commissioning processes. It should be read in tandem with Tool F the briefing paper for staff and agency leads on the use of a systems-based approach to learning in SARs. It aims to support clarity of learning outcome sought through a systems-based SAR.