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Acknowledgements for Serious Case Review Quality Markers

The SCR Quality Markers have been developed in close collaboration with a development team made up of experienced independent reviewers:

  • Edi Carmi
  • James Blewett
  • Jane Wonnacott
  • Keith Ibbetson
  • Nicki Pettitt

The LiPP project team for this work stream included:

  • Natasha Andrews, SCIE
  • Kevin Ball, NSPCC

It was led by:

  • Sheila Fish, SCIE
  • Fiona Johnson, Independent Consultant

The National Association of Independent LSCB Chairs contributed via

  • Alex Walters
  • David Ashcroft

We are grateful to the five LSCBs whose reviews we used to test the Quality Markers in the development process.