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Setting up the Serious Case Review: Quality Markers


The case is referred for Serious Case Review (SCR) consideration with an appropriate rationale and in a timely manner.

Decision making

The decision about whether to have a Serious Case Review (SCR), and the nature of the SCR that is required, take into account factors related to the case and the local context. The rationale for these decisions is clear, defensible and reached in a timely fashion.

Advising board members

There is transparency among Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) members about Serious Case Review (SCR) decision-making and outcome.

Informing the family

Family members are told what the SCR is for, how it will work, and the parameters, and are treated with respect.

Clarity of purpose

The LSCB is clear and transparent, from the outset, that the purpose of the SCR is organisational learning and improvement, and acknowledges any factors that complicate this goal.