Eligibility determination for the Care Act 2014

Version 1 published: January 2015

The aim of this guide is to build on the Care Act statutory guidance by outlining what local authorities need to consider when making an eligibility determination, using the national eligibility criteria. This is a living document and will be updated to highlight good practice in using the Care Act eligibility criteria as it develops.

At present, the guide summarises the process and key elements to consider in relation to making an eligibility determination for an adult requiring care. It brings useful resources together in one place, such as the Skills for Care training material.

It should be read in conjunction with The Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2014, with Chapter 6 of the Care Act statutory guidance (‘Assessment and eligibility’) and with the other SCIE products on eligibility.

For brevity and simplicity, the term ‘individual’ is used throughout this guide to refer to an adult with care and support needs or a carer with support needs.


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  • Care Act 2014: Eligibility determination for the Care Act 2014