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Phase two

Developing the Social Care Innovation Network

The work on phase II, discovery, took place through three learning groups. The outputs provide practical lessons on how we can develop the conditions in which innovations can flourish.

Three key areas of work focused on:

  • developing the asset-based model
  • re-designing commissioning
  • taking self-directed support back to its roots

These themes are intrinsically linked and mutually reinforcing. To achieve the outcome of more people benefitting from innovative models of care, all three themes need to be considered together.

Exploration and discovery: Phase II summary report

Key messages and learning on asset-based areas, commissioning and self-directed support.

The asset-based area 2.0

Updated version of the asset-based area model, self-assessment tool.

Commissioning for a better future

A ‘starter for ten’ framework setting out alternative approaches to commissioning and how to achieve them.

Commissioning: useful resources

Research, resources and key trends to commission better services.

Taking self-directed support back to its roots

How self-directed support can support innovation, what’s working and what needs to change.