Webinar recording: Building back from COVID-19: tackling health inequality in partnership

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This webinar was the second in a series of Integrated Care webinars held jointly by NHS England, NHS Improvement and SCIE to support Integrated Care System (ICS) development, share good practice and to discuss practical solutions to issues that systems may be facing as part of their ICS journey and in their response to COVID-19.

COVID-19, and the wider governmental and societal response, have brought health inequalities into sharp focus. The virus has had a disproportionate impact on certain sections of the population, including those living in most deprived neighbourhoods, people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, older people, those who are obese and who have other long-term health conditions, among others.

It is essential that recovery is planned in a way that inclusively supports those in greatest need. Collaborative working, between health and local government, in local communities and with partners, is essential now more than ever.

This webinar sought to explore how systems can work in partnership to deliver an ambitious, widely owned local vision, and plan for action at both system and place level.

Key questions we addressed during this webinar


Webinar: Building back from COVID-19: tackling health inequality in partnership

Tuesday 08 September 2020, 11:30

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