Mental Capacity Act videos

Videos about, and related to, the Mental Capacity Act (MCA). These short films cover a variety of topics and aim to help in your practice of understanding and applying the MCA.

Using the Mental Capacity Act

Using the Mental Capacity Act

This video explains the key principles of the MCA and how they work in practice. It looks at how the MCA supports everyone to plan for their future, for when they may have impaired capacity.


Mental Capacity Act: using the key principles in care planning

The film looks at the five key principles of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), and how these can be applied to the care planning process.

Best interests

Deprivation of liberty (DoL) in light of the Supreme Court judgment: messages for practice

This video for health and care professionals looks at how the 2014 Supreme Court judgment on deprivation of liberty affects people working in the area of mental capacity. It looks in detail at two real-life case studies.

MCA: Deprivation of liberty (DoL) in light of the Supreme Court judgment: explaining the 2014 changes

This film looks at how the Supreme Court judgement affects people's working lives in practice, by looking in detail at two real-life case studies.

Mental Capacity Act: making decisions about money

A social care training video for care staff on the theme of mental capacity. Roger is a man with learning disabilities living in a supported living service. An assessment of his mental capacity to make different financial decisions is being undertaken by a social worker.

Mental Capacity Act: respecting the right to make 'unwise' decisions

A short film depicting scenes in a domestic setting between an older man and his domiciliary care worker. The film introduces the principles of the Mental Capacity Act in relation to a financial decision.

Mental Capacity Act: the role of the IMCA (Independent Mental Capacity Advocate)

Video showing the role of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) – includes communicating with the person who lacks capacity. Also shows why carers must be involved in best interests decisions.

Mental Capacity Act: Making 'best interests' decisions

Short training video drama for care staff in a residential school depicting scenes between a young man with severe learning disabilities, and his key worker and social worker. Introduces MCA principles and consultation in best interests decision-making.