Confirmation of placement for cross-border placements

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When the placement has been confirmed (i.e. the arrangements have been agreed by the care provider), the first authority should notify the second authority as soon as possible. This can be done verbally but should be followed up with a written confirmation as soon as possible. The written notification should also include:

The second authority should acknowledge receipt of these documents/information and give its agreement to the arrangements in writing.

A copy of the notification should also be given to the person and, as appropriate, to any other relevant person. The first authority should provide the individual concerned and any other relevant person with contact details (including whom to contact during an emergency) for both the first and second authority. If required, it is expected that the first authority will be responsible for organising suitable transport, and for the costs of it, to take the individual and their belongings to their new placement.

As would be the case normally, the first authority will usually be responsible for closing off previous placements or making other necessary arrangements regarding the individual’s prior residence.