Changing social care: an inclusive approach

Leadership for change and improvement: Be responsive, without compromising on direction

Example: ‘Leadership is key. You need to work with people but do not appear weak. Do not be afraid to say “this is my vision”’ (Age Concern Sheffield).

Staff want to know what is going on and what the parameters are. It’s important to start with mutual respect and from the point of view that I respect what you’re doing, what you’re doing is valuable and vice versa. Beyond that we may have a disagreement. Disagreements are kind of taboo; people find it difficult to deal with them. There’s a desire for everyone to reach a consensus or pretend there’s one when there isn’t. Make it part of the culture that it’s okay to have differences. It’s okay to discuss, but it’s not okay to get aggressive, and then it’s okay for a decision to be made that not everyone likes. We have some way to go on this, but we’re getting there

(Age Concern Sheffield).

How we know this