Windows of opportunity: prevention and early intervention in dementia

The journey: The journey with dementia

A person’s journey with dementia and the windows of opportunity for intervention along the way.

There is nothing simple about a person’s journey with dementia. It can be tempting to think that there is an “ideal” pathway, as if there is a single, linear sequence of interventions that can be offered. In reality each person’s journey will start in a different place and then involve various routes through the territory with a variety of potential destinations (just as a commuter’s would through the London transport network).

Section of the London underground map

The zones themselves are not clearly separated. Dementia can progress slowly, and the boundaries between minor problems and active symptoms, between coping well through personal resources and needing professional support are fuzzy.

The important thing is that people should not experience barriers on the journey, and should be able to plan their route to best suit themselves.