SCIE in Northern Ireland

SCIE extended its remit to cover Northern Ireland in 2005. Since this time SCIE has undertaken a range of projects, and participated in social work and social care initiatives within Northern Ireland. These include:

The SCIE Board of Trustees and the SCIE Co-production Network have representatives from Northern Ireland. Sean Holland, Chief Social Worker for Northern Ireland, is a member of SCIE’s Board of Trustees. The work programme is supported by a steering group. DHSSPSNI contributes funding to SCIE that enables access to SCIE services, and supports the member of SCIE staff based in Northern Ireland.

Current projects are underway as part of the SCIE Northern Ireland work programme commissioned by the Department for Health Social Services and Public Safety and others. A range of SCIE products are reviewed to ensure they reflect the Northern Ireland legislation and policy context. SCIE resources are disseminated within Northern Ireland to inform practice and service developments.