What happens following assessment? - Ensuring assessment is appropriate and proportionate

The practitioner should ensure that the individual and all those involved are in agreement with the content of the assessment, or record otherwise.

The practitioner should try to seek agreement from all parts on the final content of the assessment, but if this is not feasible, it is important that the assessment reflects who is in agreement and who is not with everything stated in the document. 

The local authority must undertake an eligibility determination.

The authority must give individuals a written record of their needs or carer’s assessment following the assessment and their eligibility determination.

A copy must also be shared with anybody else that the individual requests the local authority to share a copy with. 

Practitioners should ensure that this document is an accurate and comprehensive record of the assessment process that reflects everybody’s views and states clearly how eligibility was determined and what the eligibility determination is.

Where an independent advocate is involved in supporting the individual, the local authority should keep the advocate informed so they can support the adult with care and support needs or their carer to understand the outcome of the assessment and its implications.