Digital capabilities for social workers

Health Education England has commissioned the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and our partners the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and the University of Central Lancashire to help to improve social workers’ digital skills.

This work forms part of the wider Building thea Digitally Ready Workforce (BDRW) which was commissioned by NHS England and NHS Digital for the health and care sector. This programme is led by Health Education England (HEE) and has integrated Social care from its inception. The mission is to help everyone in the health and care sector in England, become comfortable enough with digital tools so that they can contribute to that transformation and deliver the outcomes of their role quicker, easier, safer and at a higher level of quality.

Social workers across all sectors are invited to share their experiences, knowledge, concerns and hopes for the future in relation to digital technology. Responses will be used to inform this project.
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Digital Capabilities for Social Workers will include:

The project will cover both children’s and adults’ social workers in England and will be guided by an expert advisory group and co-designed with social workers, educators and people who use services. The literature review to inform the project is already underway and is focused on effective use of data, digital technology and social networks.

The project will consider how HEE’s generic digital capabilities translate to social work practice, and to social workers’ workforce development and regulatory framework.

The project forms part of HEE’s wider Building a Digital Ready Workforce programme. It is due to run until March 2020.

Read the press announcement about the project.

Further details will be published on this web page.

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