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Webinar recording: Future options for housing and care

Recorded 8 March 2021

Webinar: Future options for housing and care

At this webinar we:

  • Share the initial findings from the work of the Commission presented in the Discussion Paper
  • Share examples of emerging good practice
  • Share the findings from the population survey and explore their implications
  • Explore ideas on how we coproduce better local plans for housing that supports people’s care
  • Discuss the questions posed in the Discussion paper with a view to shaping the next phase of the Commission’s work.


  • Chaired by The Commission’s Chair, Rt Hon Paul Burstow, who also chairs Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive, Anchor Hanover
  • Susan Kay, Executive Director/CEO of the Dunhill Medical Trust
  • Rebekah Luff, Senior Research Analyst, Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • Jeremy Porteus, Chief Executive Housing LIN
  • Ossie Stuart, Equality and Diversity consultant and Trustee, Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Funded by Dunhill Medical Trust, the Commission on the Role of Housing in the Future of Care and Support was launched in October 2020. It is composed of a group of leaders of care and support organisations, academics, experts and practitioners related to housing with care and support and co-chaired by the Rt Hon Paul Burstow, Professor Julienne Meyer CBE and Sir David Pearson CBE. The Commission was tasked with developing a vision and roadmap for providing more options for housing with care and support with the aim of developing a blueprint for the future to enable greater choice and availability of housing and support for older people who may find it difficult to live independently at home, or who choose to live somewhere which provides more support options.

This webinar was recorded as part of the launch of the Commission’s earlier discussion paper ‘Future options for housing and care‘. The discussion paper and webinar shaped the remaining activities of the Commission and the final report published in November 2021 ‘A place we can call home: A vision and a roadmap for providing more options for housing with care and support for older people’.

Social Care Future, a movement for change in social care, has created an inspiring vision for social care: “We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us”.

But how can such a vision be realised for people who can no longer live in their own homes or who chose to live in a more supported environment? In too many parts of the country and for too many people, choice is limited and not person-centred. We need to dramatically expand the choice and diversity of provision, and put people at the heart of decisions about where they live and what care they receive.

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