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Next steps and examples of good practice – Strengths-based practice

As you may have already gathered, strengths-based practice is a journey, one that you may never finish, but a journey that you need to continuously check that you are on.

The most important thing is that you don’t give up, that you keep on trying, learning and reflecting. Keep reading this resource and keep checking your practice against the key principles, on your own and with others.

Strengths-based practice is by nature always possible to improve. There isn’t a golden rule that applies to all cases or scenarios, but this resource identifies some of the key principles that must be followed and by following them will give you some examples of the principles in action.

While the examples and initiatives contained in this guide follow the principles of strengths-based practice, they are not necessarily right for circumstances other than the ones they have been applied to. They are, however, useful food for thought to help you reflect, jointly and alongside this entire resource, on how you can keep on improving your practice to be more strengths-based.

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