e-Learning courses for care providers

Health and social care e-learning resources designed for care providers, which have been produced for frontline staff by subject experts and digital design professionals.

Care Certificate e-learning course

Care Certificate

Video-based e-learning course based on 15 Standards set by the CQC that encompass the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected from frontline health and social care staff.

Dementia awareness e-learning course

Dementia awareness

Dementia e-learning course developed to align with Tier 1 of the National Dementia Training Standards Framework, which is a requirement for all social care staff.

Falls prevention in care homes e-learning course

Falls prevention in care homes

In this CPD-accredited e-learning course, you'll learn about falls prevention in the context of improving people’s overall care and wellbeing.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

Introduction and guide to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS), introduced in 2009, to protect the rights of people who may lack capacity to make critical decisions, and to ensure that the care and treatments they receive is in their best interests.

Mental Capacity Act

Mental Capacity Act

Explores the Mental Capacity Act 2005, including best interests decision-making, and how to support people to make their own decisions. The course is designed for all staff, carers and families, working with people who lack or may lack capacity in the health and social care sectors.

Safeguarding adults e-learning course

Safeguarding adults

Promote the safeguarding of adults at risk. Explores what ‘safeguarding adults’ is and how it affects each and every one of us. It shows how to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and what I can do if I suspect that someone is being harmed.

Understanding Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI) e-learning course

Understanding Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI)

This awareness course provides an essential foundation in understanding Dual Sensory Impairment, especially acquired DSI which affects so many older people due to the ageing process.